Best iPhone Cases For Vegans – 100% Plant-Based, Eco-Friendly Materials

What are the best iPhone cases for vegans? You don’t have many specific options, however, this new line of cases could be just what you’ve been looking for…

If you care about the environment and your carbon footprint in general, you’ll know all about the benefits of reducing your use of plastics.

It’s not easy, however, seeing that nearly everything you seem to buy is made from some kind of plastic.

From your kid’s toys to appliances in your home – plastic is used everywhere.

As always, small steps make big differences when you’re trying to augment your lifestyle to become more environmentally friendly.

And a good place to start is with your phone case.


Because millions of phone cases are sold every day (and 99.9% of them are made from plastics). Thankfully, you now have a more environmentally conscious option available from Caseable.


And you can save 25% on them by using this link and this exclusive code KNOWYOURCASE25

iPhone Cases For Vegans – 100% Plant-Based

When you’re a vegan, choosing everything from which wine to drink to which sauce to have on your pasta comes with a list of questions.

And it is no different with phone cases. You need to make sure that no animal products were used in the making of them.

Normally, this is tricky. But Caseable has you 100% covered in this context with its range of 100% plant-based iPhone cases. And they’re really inexpensive too which is always a good thing.

If you want an eco-friendly phone case, Caseable’s range of zero-carbon iPhone cases – it has options for ALL iPhone models, from the iPhone 8 to the iPhone 11 Pro Max – will be just what you’re looking for, as they’re made entirely from plants (bamboo and corn starch mostly).

Because of the eco-friendly nature of these iPhone cases, you don’t have to worry about waste when you stop using them – they’re 100% recyclable. The iPhone cases are also 100% plastic-free and are made in a factory that is powered by solar panels.

Best iPhone Cases For Vegans – 100% Plant-Based, Eco-Friendly MaterialsPin

And if that wasn’t enough, when you buy one of these iPhone cases the product is shipped out to you in a box that uses ZERO plastics.

Basically, they’re just about the most environmentally friendly iPhone cases on the planet. I’ve never heard of a company going to such lengths to produce sustainable cases for phones. Imagine if more companies did that kind of thing? It’d be amazing; plastic usage would drop overnight!

Why You Should Use Sustainable Cellphone Cases

Do you know how much plastic is produced each year? Around 348 million tons. And most of that plastic ends up as waste in a landfill someplace or, worse, in our oceans, killing sea life and polluting our waters. It’s pretty harrowing stuff, regardless of your political persuasion. And while a phone case isn’t going to change the world overnight, it is definitely a step in the right direction.


What’s ACTUALLY needed is huge mega-corporations like Walmart, Apple, and Amazon to take the bull by the horns and tackle plastic usage head-on. In the UK, Boots now uses paper bags, for instance, and this is a huge deal. Imagine if Aldi, Asda, Tesco, and Waitrose followed suit? That’d be millions of plastic bags removed from the market overnight!

Everyone Should Use Eco-Friendly Phone Cases

With respect to phones, you have to keep in mind that making them and producing them is massively carbon-intensive. You have the production of the phones, the mining for the materials, the shipping, and the delivery. And this happens every day for millions of phones all over the world. That’s A LOT of carbon. We can’t stop that machine from rolling forwards, but we can make sure we’re using cases that aren’t further contributing to the problem.

And best of all it won’t cost you too much either – they’re less than £20 right now. On top of this, you can get an extra 25% discount – just click this link and this code: KNOWYOURCASE25.

Oh, and Caseable ships all over the world, so you can get these cases in the USA, Australia, and elsewhere.

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