You’re undoubtedly familiar with Garmin as the manufacturer of some of the top golf GPS systems on the market. And, while they’ve had products with integrated club and ball tracking, just like the G80, for example, but it has never offered a specialized launch monitor.

However, Garmin’s latest gadget, the Approach R10, is exactly that. A dedicated launch monitor and tracker with a vast array of intelligent features that can help your game in a variety of exciting ways.

Essentially, the R10 is a launch monitor that analyzes different club and ball data metrics to help you improve your swing consistency.

The R10, on the other hand, does a lot more than merely track shot stats. With Home Tee Hero and E6 CONNECT, it can not only measure data points previously only available with higher-end launch monitors, but it can also capture video clips of each shot and provide simulations.

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The value of this incredible golf training gadget is undeniably inconceivable, given the prices usually associated with such a product, but don’t be fooled – this is certainly no inferior addition to the market.

But the Garmin R10 Approach’s main USP is its price; at just $529/£529 it is massively cheaper than 99.9% of the competition.

Garmin Approach R10 Features

With a portable Garmin Approach R10 launch monitor, you can improve your game at home, inside, or on the driving range. The following are some of the key features that this powerful device has to offer:

Track Metrics And Learn

Stats are imperative to improving your golfing game. Tracking more than a dozen golf stats, the Approach R10 can really help you improve your swing consistency.

With the Garmin Approach R10, you can track important parameters like clubhead speed, ball speed, ball spin, launch angle, and more to improve your shot consistency. The R10 can help you identify your golf strengths and areas for growth by collecting information for each club and displaying a shot dispersion chart based on projected ball flight when you use Training Mode.

Plus, with automatically recorded video clips that contain the stats of every swing you perform, you can observe and evaluate your progress. All of your shots are displayed on a comprehensive dispersion chart for clear training and results.

Home And Away

The Garmin Approach R10 serves as a GPS device as well as a launch monitor on the course. This ensures that it can be utilized for any golf situation, not just range practice, however, if you’re at home, the R10 can be hooked into your TV to display greater information, really giving the impression of a much more costly gadget.

The game may be played anywhere: at home, inside, or on the driving range.

Explore And Compete

Play virtual rounds on over 42,000 courses worldwide and compete in a weekly tournament with results recorded to Garmin’s global leaderboard. This is where you can not only have great fun but also see exactly how you size up to other golfers around the globe.

You can play any course utilizing virtual rounds without having to leave your house.

Connect And Go

Simplicity is important in a game that can already take up quite a bit of time. Sure, it’s fine spending hours on the actual game – that’s the fun part! – but when things start cutting into your playing time, such as setting up gadgets, they can be rather frustrating.

The R10 boasts a 10-hour battery life, so you can get a lot of practice in between charges. Connect to the Garmin Golf app and interact with it while using the specialized mount that attaches to your golf bag for complete efficiency while you’re out on the course.

Ten hours of battery life means more time on the range and more data collected for your convenience.

How To Set Up Garmin Approach R10

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Install the Garmin Golf App

Install the Garmin Golf app on your phone, then to connect to the R10, put your phone close to it and hit the power button on the device.

The R10 will enter pairing mode automatically, as indicated by a solid blue LED light. Add the new device to the Garmin Golf App’s settings and follow the on-screen instructions.

Attach The Tripod Mount

The supplied tripod stand is magnetically attached to the R10 unit; always be cautious with such magnets around computers, laptops, and tablets. Attaching the stand is pretty simple.

Assume The Position

To begin, lay your ball on the tee. If you’re playing inside, make sure you’re at least eight feet from the net. And yes, always use a net.

Then, 6-8 feet behind the tee position, install the R10 on the tripod stand and orient it so that the front of the R10 faces the ball. If you’re using a mat, make sure the R10’s bottom edge is at a higher level.

Next, set the R10 such that the red alignment line is aligned with the ball’s location as well as the intended target line. You can easily check this with a golf club or an alignment stick.

If necessary, the tee placement can be moved up to one foot on each side of the target line, although it’s worth noting that improper placement will reduce the Approach R10’s capacity to give precise measurements.

After you’ve positioned yourself, click the button to switch on the R10, open the Garmin Golf app on your phone, select a game mode, wait for the LED indication to start blinking green, and swing away.

How Does It Compare?

Overall, the Garmin Approach R10 has the potential to help many club golfers improve their golfing game. It may not be quite as good as the more high-end devices in its category, but it certainly fills a gap in the market in terms of affordability and durability.

Get Yours Today via Garmin – $550/£539

For less than £550, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better alternative right now, especially one that packs in as many features and abilities.

When some of the competitors are creating launch monitors that cost upwards of £20,000, a device on the market for just a small fraction of the cost is a very welcome sight.

Golf can be a very expensive hobby once golf course memberships and all the essential equipment have been considered, so it’s refreshing to see such game-changing products arrive on the market, from trusted brands, that can be just so beneficial to golfers and the game itself.