Yes – but only after doing this the first time…

Wondering do AirPods automatically connect? It’s a common question! Apple’s AirPods are arguable the best wireless earbuds on the market. It’s no doubt their design is the most iconic.

The first-generation AirPods debuted in 2016. Three years later Apple debuted the second-generation AirPods and then the AirPods Pro, all in 2019. And it’s rumored that Apple will release the third-generation AirPods by the end of 2021.

All versions of the AirPods have a few different features (with the AirPods Pro being the best). But Apple has also made sure that using any version of the AirPods is as easy as possible. That includes both pairing and connecting your AirPods to your iPhone.

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AirPods Pairing VS Connecting

Many people get confused between pairing and connecting AirPods. The terms are fairly similar, but they actually refer to two different things.

Pairing is when you tell one device (such as a smartphone) to recognize another device (like a set of AirPods). In other words, pairing is what tells your smartphone to be on the lookout for a specific set of AirPods and NOT any set that happens to cross its wireless path. With pairing, you perform this operation once.

Connecting, on the other hand, is what happens every single time you want to connect your AirPods to your iPhone. Your AirPods cannot connect to your iPhone without first being paired with it. But once the AirPods are paired, your iPhone then remembers them and then will connect to them in the future when you want to listen to music.

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How To Pair Your AirPods The First Time

Pairing your AirPods is pretty easy. And as already said, you only need to pair them once (unless some kind of error or bug happens down the line). Here’s how to pair your AirPods:

  1. With your AirPods in their case, move them near your iPhone and unlock the iPhone so you are on the home screen.
  2. Now open the AirPods’ case’s lid. After a moment, you should see an animation card appear on your iPhone’s home screen.
  3. Tap the Connect button on the animation that appears.

There may be a few additional setup steps depending on which version of the AirPods you have. But after that, your AirPods are now paired with your iPhone for all future use.

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Connecting Your AirPods

Connecting your AirPods to your iPhone every time you want to listen to music or other audio is dead simple. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Take your AirPods out of their case and put them in your ear. In a few seconds you’ll hear a chime, telling you they’ve connected to your iPhone.

And that’s really it! One step only! This is because you’ve already paired your AirPods with your iPhone so your iPhone knows to connect automatically when it senses they are in your ears.

The iPhone knows the AirPods are in your ears because all AirPods have sensors that detect when the AirPods are being worn.

Do AirPods Automatically Connect?

Yes! The AirPods automatically connect to your iPhone every time you put them in your ears. This is on the provision that you’ve already initially paired the AirPods with your iPhone to begin with. But as long as you‘ve paired your AirPods to your iPhone once, they’ll connect automatically each time thereafter.

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