Choosing The Best iPhone X Case – My #1 Tips & Tricks…

By Richard Goodwin •  Updated: 03/18/20 •  6 min read

Picking the right (and best) case for your iPhone X is tricky, there’s just so many to choose from. Follow these tips and tricks to find the perfect iPhone X case for your exact needs…

You know what I hate? Lists of phone cases. They suck. And the reason for this is simple: we all like different things, so what I think is the best iPhone X case might not appeal to you (and vice versa). For this reason, we’ve decided to do things a little differently.

Rather than simply creating an arbitrary list of iPhone X cases, we’re going to go into specifics about what you should look for in a case AND what makes certain cases (and case brands) better than others. Once you know this, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision based on your own, exact needs and requirements.

Different Types of iPhone Cases

Our Top-Rated iPhone Case Brands

OK, so you know about the different types of iPhone cases available. But what about case brands? Who is the best? Where should you be looking to buy your iPhone X case? As always, there are plenty of good options when it comes to premium iPhone case makers.

After spending around 10 years testing iPhone cases, we’ve developed a hit list of our most recommended iPhone case makers, which you can see below:

Why Only Four?

You’ll notice that there are only several listed above. This is deliberate. I could list 20 or 30 but what would be the point? If you’re looking for a good-quality iPhone X case that provides style and protection, why confuse you further with endless lists of case makers. It’s not worth it.

The four iPhone case brands listed above all produce a wide range of iPhone cases. All of the brands are brands that we know, trust, and use. And all of them have a range of products across a variety of price points, so you’ll always be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

My Favorite iPhone Case Maker?

I tend to use Casetify for all my iPhone case needs. The reason? I love the designs they have – they have TONS and they’re all completely unique and bespoke. Casetify works with artists and brands like Marvel and DC to produce good-looking totally unique iPhone cases, so if you like your phone cases to look good, Casetify is 100% worth a look.

I also really like Caseable too; it does custom iPhone case design, so you can create your own designs, as well as environmentally friendly cases that are made using 100% recyclable materials. Perfect if you want to reduce your use of plastics in 2020, as well as your carbon footprint. Caseable also does a range of high-end iPhone cases that incorporate beautiful designs and industry-leading protection.

Me personally, I really love what Casetify is doing with its iPhone cases. For this reason, as of right now, Casetify would be my #1 recommendation for anyone that is looking for a cool-looking iPhone X case that packs in plenty of protection.

Best iPhone X Case
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