Plastic cases are the most commonly used phone cases on the market. But they’re terrible for the environment. Here’s why a wooden case is a superior option – both for protection and mother nature

When you buy a new phone, you need to get a case. Phones are expensive and fragile. But the case you choose comes with its own set of issues and problems. 

Plastic cases are commonly used and cheap. But they’re terrible for the environment because plastic isn’t biodegradable and it is hard to dispose of – now imagine how many plastic cases there are in the world. 

Switching to a more eco-friendly case, like one made from wood, ensures you’re contributing to a greener planet and helping reduce the strain caused by our reliance on plastics. 

Still not convinced? Here’s a breakdown of how wooden phone cases compare to plastic cases – we’ve compared and contrasted every possible angle too, from overall protection of your phone to health and environment concerns. 

Wood Phone Cases vs Plastic Cases: PROS & CONS

AspectWooden CasesPlastic Cases
Eco-FriendlyMade from natural, renewable materials; biodegradableContributes to pollution; takes years to degrade
Unique DesignsOne-of-a-kind due to natural wood grain variationsMass-produced, uniform designs
DurabilityRobust, withstands daily wear and tear betterCan warp, break, or crack over time
Aging GracefullyDevelops a beautiful patina over timeTends to look worn and faded
LightweightSurprisingly lightweightCan be lightweight but varies
Variety of OptionsVarious wood types with unique colors and texturesLimited to synthetic colors and finishes
CustomizableEasily customized with engravings or designsLimited customization options
Health BenefitsHypoallergenic, free from harmful chemicalsMay contain harmful chemicals
Better GripNatural texture provides better gripOften slippery surface
Lower Environmental ImpactLower carbon footprint in productionHigher carbon footprint in production
AestheticClassic, natural aestheticModern, synthetic look
RecyclabilityMany companies offer recycling programsRarely recyclable
Less Chemical ExposureNo leaching of harmful chemicalsCan leach harmful chemicals, especially when heated
Support Sustainable PracticesSupports sustainable forestry and ethical productionOften linked to non-sustainable practices
Cultural ConnectionConnects to traditional craftsmanship and cultural heritageNo connection to traditional craftsmanship
Social ResponsibilityReduces plastic waste, promotes responsible consumerismContributes to plastic waste and pollution

Ditch The Plastic, Go Eco With Your Next Case

The Best Eco-Friendly Phone Cases

Shop our biodegradable phone cases made from natural materials like coffee grounds, wood, and other environmentally-friendly materials

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Why Switching To A Wood Case Makes Sense

The Myriad Benefits of Wooden Phone Cases

Plastic is harmful. It pollutes the oceans, clogs landfills, and poses risks to human health. Switching your phone case from plastic to wood is an easy way to make your life a bit more eco-friendly.

Better For The Environment

Crafted from natural, renewable materials, wooden cases are biodegradable and help reduce plastic waste.

Incredibly Durable

Wood is strong and can withstand daily wear and tear better than plastic, which can warp, break, or crack over time.

26-Foot Drop Protection

Wooden phone cases are durable yet surprisingly lightweight. They come with 26-foot drop protection as standard, exceeding typical needs.

Less Allergies, Less Contaminants

Hypoallergenic and free from harmful chemicals found in plastics, wooden cases are a healthier choice.

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