Apple introduced the Yellow iPhone 14 mid-way through the series’ cycle, as it likes to do. But does this make it limited edition? 

The yellow iPhone 14 is loud. It launched mid-way through the iPhone 14’s release cycle, something Apple likes to do in order to get a mid-cycle sales pump. 

The yellow hue, when combined with the rest of the iPhone 14 color options, brings the total to 10 across the entire range, including the Pro models. 


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The Yellow iPhone 14 is NOT Limited Edition


Because of the introduction of the yellow iPhone late in the iPhone 14’s release cycle, some people think it is a limited edition color. 

But this is not the case – it’s just a new color option (like the Green iPhone 13 variant we got the year before). 

To be a limited edition color, it’d mean that – like Apple’s Space Black – the color option would have to disappear for years to come. 

But that is not the case with Apple’s Yellow hue for the iPhone 14. The iPhone 15 comes in Yellow, and Apple’s iPhone 16 is also rumored to come in Yellow too. 

Not so limited then. 

A Hot Pink iPhone is Still MIA, Though

Is The iPhone 14 Yellow Limited Edition? No – Here’s Why…Pin

Some iPhone colors are scarcer than others, however, like Apple’s Space Black option. This new color option for the iPhone 14 series was the first time Apple released a properly black phone since the iPhone 7. 

Post iPhone XR, Apple’s approach to color has become a lot more liberal. The XR was the best selling iPhone for two years in a row, beating both the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max by a wide margin with respect to sales. 

And then there’s the ever-present demand for a hot pink iPhone, something that would have done exceptionally well last year with the release of The Barbie Movie. 

But for whatever reason, Apple – while offering a selection of pink hues over the past few years – does not appear keen on doing a hot pink variant. Maybe we’ll get lucky with the iPhone 17 series? 

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