Here’s a selection of the top-rated iPhone 12 wallet cases from our store, including a novel option for carrying cards and cash on your phone without a case…

Look, when it comes to phone cases, you’re either Team Wallet or you’re not. If you’re all about that wallet life and rocking an iPhone 12, we’ve got your back with some killer options.

These iPhone 12 wallet cases are made with top-notch leather that looks slick and keeps your cards and cash snug and secure. No more lugging around a bulky wallet or worrying about losing your stuff.

We’ve got a case for every model in the iPhone 12 family, so whether you’re working with the 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, or 12 Pro Max, we’ve got you covered.

Need something sleek for work? We’ve got that. Want a rugged case for your weekend adventures? Check. No matter your vibe, we’ve got an iPhone 12 wallet case that’ll fit your style and keep your essentials on lock.

Carry Your Cards & Cash In Style

Leather Wallet Cases For iPhone 12 Series Phones

It’s always the right weather for premium leather. Check out our extensive collection of leather wallet cases for iPhone

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Kill Two Birds With One Stone…

Benefits of Using A Wallet Case

Apple Pay is great, but there are times when you just need to whip out a physical card. Maybe you’re checking into a hotel, hitting the gym, or using a loyalty card at your go-to store.

Still not convinced? Here’s 4 additional benefits associated with using wallet cases: 


You can keep your ID, cards, and phone all in one place. No more fumbling around trying to find what you need.


Tired of carrying a bulky wallet? A wallet case streamlines your everyday carry, so you can travel light.


Wallet cases add an extra layer of protection to your iPhone 12. Drops and dings? No biggie.


Wallet cases come in all sorts of styles, from sleek and professional to rugged and adventurous. There’s one for every taste and occasion.

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