If you’re looking for MAXIMUM protection for your iPhone 11, you’ll need a case that is designed to handle everything life can throw at it, and this is where protective cases come into play.

Protective cases are more expensive than standard cases, but the reason for this is simple: they offer way more protection, so if you’re prone to dropping your phone or you’re an active person, it is worth investing in a protective iPhone 11 case.

But what is the best protective case for the iPhone 11?

The way I see it you have a couple of really great options. I’ve tested both of these cases in the last 12 months and they were brilliant. If you want the absolute best protection, go with option #1.

If you want a good standard of protection, but can live without waterproofing, option #2 is fine – they’re both solid cases. But the #1 option is the best for overall protection. And, as a nice side benefit, it looks really smart too.

Option #1 – The Best For Overall Protection | FRĒ For iPhone 11

FRĒ For iPhone 11 – View Latest Deals

Built using 60% recycled materials, the FRĒ case from LifeProof is the best protective case I have ever used on my iPhone 11 – it is completely water proof, so you can take it in the sea and the shower with zero issues.

Available in three colors (Free Diver, Ocean Violet and Black), the FRĒ is ultra-slim case that is designed to withstand pretty much anything and everything – from sand to dust to water, the FRĒ will resist them all.

The iPhone 11 is waterproof, I know, but having a case like the FRĒ on your iPhone 11 will ensure that even heavy and prolonged exposure to water will cause no harm to your phone. Case in point: I took my iPhone 11 rafting with the FRĒ case on it and it was fine (and it got totally soaked).

If you want the best of the best when it comes to protection for your iPhone 11, the FRĒ case by LIFEPROOF is 100% where it is at right now. Period. Nothing else I have used has even come remotely close to the kind of protection this case offers.


Option #2 – Great Protection, Stylish Design | Otterbox Defender Series

Otterbox Defender Series – View Latest Deals

The Otterbox Defender Series is a brilliant case for the iPhone 11. It not only looks really smart and is made from premium build materials, but it will also protect your phone from drops from over 10 feet, as well as sand and water ingress.

It’s not quite as complete as the FRĒ with respect to overall protection; it lacks waterproofing, for instance, but it is a much slimmer case, so if your main aim is to protect your iPhone 11 from drops and smashes, the Otterbox Defender Series is a great option.

And as a side bonus, the Otterbox Defender Series has a kick stands built into its back, so you can prop your iPhone 11 up to view videos and media hands free. It comes in really useful on trains and short plane rides when there’s no inflight entertainment.

The Defender Series is available in three color options: Black, Purple Nebula, and Gone Fishin’ Blue. It is cheaper than the LIFEPROOF FRĒ, as well as being thinner, but it doesn’t offer quite as much protection.

It’ll still get the job done, but if you want the best of the best with respect to protection, go with the FRĒ.

If you just want cover for drops and bumps and scuffs, the Defender Series by Otterbox will be more than enough.


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