Many, many Android phones, action cameras, and drones support MicroSD cards. But not all MicroSD cards were created equally, so make sure you ONLY go with the best MicroSD cards – like these!

The #1 Top MicroSD Cards Right Now

  • 1) SanDisk 400GB Extreme MicroSDXC
  • 2) SanDisk 400GB Ultra MicroSDXC
  • 3) Samsung 128GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSDXC EVO

Right now, these are our #1 picks for the best MicroSD cards money can buy. You have two 400GB options, ideal for those recording and storing big files, and a smaller 128GB unit from Samsung that is perfect for use inside Android phones and action cameras like the GoPro’s range.

Not ALL Android phones support SD cards, however, although a few options inside our Best Android Phone Guide do – so make sure you check that out if you’re after a phone with expandable storage!

Best SD Cards Overview – More Details On Each…


#1) SanDisk EXTREME 400GB – The #1 Option

SanDisk 400GB Extreme MicroSD

Right now, this is one of the best and most hard-working microSD cards in the business. The SanDisk EXTREME 400GB microSD card is water, dust, and shock-resistant. Plus it has rapid read (160MB/s) and write (90MB/s) speeds, making it an ideal choice for phones, action cameras like the GoPro, or a drone.

Built for high-quality 4K capture, the SanDisk EXTREME 400GB is essentially all you’ll ever need from an SD card. You have plenty of storage, a 30-year warranty, and you can even download SanDisk’s Memory App to your Android phone for more efficient file management.

#2) SanDisk ULTRA 400GB – The Next Best Option

SanDisk 400GB Ultra MicroSD

Like the SanDisk EXTREME, the SanDisk ULTRA 400GB will store up to 400GB of data on it. It is also a very reliable, super-fast card as well, though it does lack some of the EXTREME’s more advanced features like water, dust, and shock resistance.

It’s also not quite as fast either; read speeds come in at 100MB/s, which is slower than the more expensive SanDisk EXTREME. You do get a 10-year warranty with the SanDisk ULTRA 400GB, however, and it is still one of the best performing SD cards on the market. Ideal for use inside phones and drones. Just don’t get it wet!

#3) Samsung EVO 128GB – Best For Value For Money

Samsung EVO 128GB MicroSD

If value for money is your thing, but you still want brilliant performance, it’s kind of hard not to love the Samsung EVO 128GB. This 128GB microSD card has rapid write speeds 100MB/s and, like the SanDisk Extreme, it is water, dust, shock, weather, and X-ray resistant, making it ideal for use in action cameras, drones, and phones.

The Samsung EVO 128GB is also the cheapest option too. By quite a margin. And this makes it an easy recommendation for anyone that is looking for rock-solid expandable memory for their mobile tech gear. Samsung even includes an adapter, so you can use the Samsung EVO 128GB with tablets, gaming consoles, laptops, action cameras, DSLR’s, drones, and more.

Can You Use MicroSD Cards In Phones, Drones & Action Cameras?

All of the MicroSD cards listed in this guide are perfectly suited for use inside phones, tablets, action cameras, and drones. The idea of expandable storage is that you can take data and media with you wherever you go. For this reason, SD cards are designed to be used in multiple devices.

Because of this, however, you’re best off investing in a 400GB SD card, as it will hold more data. You don’t want to lose a MicroSD card, but it does happen on account of their tiny size. For this reason, I only ever like to be using two at anyone time. Hence why I always favor the 400GB variants like the SanDisk EXTREME 400GB.

Which Is The Best Overall SD Card?

This is a tricky one to pin down. With respect to overall features and performance, the SanDisk EXTREME 400GB is the best – by quite a margin. It has the fastest read and write speeds, it has a TON of storage capacity, and it is water, dust, shock, and X-ray resistant. Plus, you get a 30-year warranty with it too.

If value for money is your thang, and you still want excellent performance but can live with smaller amounts of storage (120GB vs 400GB), then the Samsung EVO 128GB is just about the best thing on the market right now for its price – it retails for less than $20!

Which Brand Memory Card is Best For Mobile Phones?

SanDisk and Samsung are the two brands that we trust the most when it comes to using expandable storage inside our phones, tablets, action cameras, and drones. Both companies have outstanding reputations and have been building and innovating the expandable storage space for decades.

You can get cheaper, less reliable SD cards, of course, but if you’re using them to store anything remotely important, you really don’t want to chance something happening and you lose the data. For this reason, it always pays to go with quality MicroSD brands. And right now, Samsung and SanDisk are too of the best SD card makers in operation.

What’s The Fastest MicroSD Card?

From our top picks, which include three distinct options for three different types of users, the fastest microSD card is the SanDisk EXTREME 400GB – it’ll write at 160MB/s and read at 90MB/s. And right now, that’s about as good as it gets when it comes to read/write speeds for MicroSD cards.

Are MicroSD Cards Reliable?

Yes, MicroSD cards are reliable. They’re not 100%, but nothing is. This kind of brings us back to an earlier point: when you’re talking about expandable storage, it is always worthwhile going with a trusted brand like Samsung or SanDisk. Data is important, you don’t want to lose stuff, as that would suck or maybe even lose you your job.

Cheaper MicroSD cards have higher failure rates, meaning they break or malfunction more than known-brand microSD cards like the ones listed in this feature. I always use SanDisk and Samsung for all my expandable storage reasons because A) they make excellent microSD cards and B) they know EXACTLY what they’re doing, which means your data and information is safer.

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