If you’re rocking an iPhone 8 and you’re after a decent pair of headphones but you don’t want AirPods, read on for our #1 picks right now…

Best Headphones For iPhone 8

As of right now (early 2020), the following headphones are our current #1 picks for sound-quality and comfort. We’ve also included both premium and cheaper options in this list; you have a couple of expensive options in the OTE section and one cheap option simply because we couldn’t decide between the Sony and Bose headphones.

With the earbuds, you have two great options – a premium option via Samsung and an ultra-budget pair from Xiaomi. You can see how they compare below:

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Why We Picked These Headphones?

Firstly, I hate arbitrary lists of products. They suck. You don’t get anything from them and, most of the time, they’re just put together to get affiliate clicks. And that doesn’t help anybody. This list for the best iPhone 8 headphones is short and focussed for a few specific reasons:

  • To Save You Time – No one wants to look through hundreds of potential options. For this reason, all we can do is pull all our latest data together to bring you the most up to date list of what we think are the best iPhone 8 headphones you can buy right now are.
  • We Only Recommend What We Test – During the past 12 months, the team has tested A LOT of headphones. The best of the best is what’s on show here; they’re the headphones we all agree on. The only point of contention is whether Bose’s are better than Sony’s – the team was pretty closely divided on this. Me personally, I prefer the Bose QC35 IIs.
  • It Covers All Price Points – The idea here is to give you a broad range of options, ranging from the best quality (and most expensive) down to cheaper options that are still worth a look. In this respect, you have Xiaomi’s RedMi AirDots which are a brilliant pair of cheap, true wireless earbuds and the Cowin E7 for your over-ear options. Both are great for the money but they do lack the finesse of their more premium counterparts.

Why You Need Wireless Headphones For iPhone 8

Apple’s iPhones haven’t had a headphone jack for a good long while now. In fact, Apple was the first company to remove the headphone jack from its phones. Android phone makers quickly followed suit and, over the space of the next couple of years, the headphone jack all but disappeared from the lion’s share of phone releases.

This opened the door for wireless headphones and earbuds. Apple’s AirPods have been the #1 best-selling headphones for a few years running now. Can you guess why Apple wanted to remove the headphone jack so badly? It’d be funny if it weren’t so in-your-face and obvious! Either way, the world and its billions of consumers have now moved on…

You can still use wired headphones with the iPhone 8, of course; you just have to make sure to buy a 3.5mm jack to lightning cable converter (you can get them via Amazon for not much money). For most, though, if you’re using headphones on the iPhone 8, you’ll want to use wireless ones – either over-the-ear (OTE) style or earbuds. Our current picks are listed at the top of this post. These are the ones we use and recommend, so if you want out advice – go with one of those!


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