Best Camera Accessories For iPhone (Lenses, Gimbals & Tripods)

by | 20/11/2019 3:21 pm
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The iPhone 11 camera is totally badass. But when paired with some of these iPhone 11 camera accessories, it’ll take your photography and video-shooting to the NEXT LEVEL…

Best Lens Kit For iPhone

The iPhone 11’s camera is already very good, as noted inside our iPhone 11 Reviews post. But with a detachable lens, you can add in even more functionality – things like fish-eye effects, super-wide-angle shots, and much more besides. If you’re looking to up your photography game with the iPhone 11, getting yourself a set of lenses is the #1 easiest method to introduce some truly big changes to how your iPhone 11 captures images.

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Why You’d Use A Lens Kit on iPhone?

You can completely alter how your phone captures images. For instance, a fish-eye lens. Normally, on a DSLR, you’d pay a fortune for this. But with the lens kits listed above, you’re getting that effect for less than $50 in most cases. And the results will look utterly awesome, as the iPhone’s sensor is already top-notch.

On top of this, most of the top lens kits recommended in the table above come with multiple lenses, so you’ll have support for all kinds of photography from Macro shots to utterly bonkers facts effects lens and super-wide-lens kits. If you’re an avid iPhone photographer, one of these kits is a must.

Best iPhone Tripods

Why do you need a tripod? Simple: to take professional shots. All modern phones have built-in stabilization, but nothing beats the real thing – having your iPhone perfectly still when you capture and image or video. In order to do this, you’ll need a tripod. And right now these are our #1 picks.

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iPhone Tripod Benefits?

  1. Zero shaking or judder when capturing images and video
  2. Great for vlogging and YouTube content creation
  3. Perfect for shooting outdoors or capturing panoramic shots
  4. Shoot landscapes a lot? A tripod will improve your composition massively
  5. Great for video-calls and video-conferencing

Best iPhone Gimbals For Professional-Grade Video Footage

With a gimbal attached to your iPhone 11, you can capture professional-grade video wherever you are. A gimbal will ensure your footage remains smooth and judder-free, despite lots of movement. These accessories aren’t cheap, but if you’re serious about shooting professional-grade video with your iPhone 11, a gimble is a must.

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Why You Need A Gimbal For Your iPhone

  • Vlogging – With a gimbal, you can shoot anywhere, capture gorgeous b-roll, and film in all types of settings. The gimbal will ensure your footage is judder-free, resulting in professional-grade video capture, just without the massively expensive gear.
  • Making Films – Did you know people have actually shot movies using iPhones? That’s how good the iPhone is at video. In order to get that professional, smooth effect, however, you will require some tools. And chief among them is the gimbal. If you shoot film and you don’t have a gimbal, you’re missing out on one of the best tools in the business.
  • Shooting Video Content – Whether it’s a product review, an overview of a trade-show, or footage of your family on holiday, you want your video footage to look professional and smooth. Using a gimbal on your iPhone will do this, adding in Hollywood-grade pans and the ability to move and shoot footage at will, even on bumpy and uneven terrain. This is why everybody from vloggers to professional videographers ALWAYS have gimbals with them.

Best iPhone Lighting Kit

Do you know what makes good images even better? Great lighting. This is why Hollywood producers have entire departments working on it whenever a film is being shot. With good lighting, you can elevate an OK picture to a professional-grade image. As any photographer worth their salt will tell you, lighting is the #1 thing to consider when shooting subjects. Get it right and your images will look superb. Mess it up and you’re left with a mess.

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Best iPhone Bluetooth Shutter Remote Control

If you’re using any type of kit with your iPhone 11, notably a gimble or a tripod, in this instance – then you’re going to need remote control of the iPhone 11’s shutter. Thankfully, doing this is very easy (and also inexpensive).

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All you need is a Bluetooth shutter remote. With one of these paired to your iPhone, you can line up perfect shots and capture subjects without ever having to touch your iPhone or set a timer. If you’re serious about shooting photography with your iPhone, a Bluetooth Shutter Remote is a must-have piece of kit.

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