What Phone Does Bill Gates Use? It’s NOT Windows Phone…


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Bill Gates is one of the richest dudes in the world, after founding Microsoft. Gates is now only kind of involved in the company but still makes the odd appearance here and there, though most of them are to do with his charity.

Microsoft has a seriously chequered history with mobile, more so than any other technology company, and has tried multiple times to crack the market. Nothing has worked yet, despite millions of dollars of investment and R&D.

So what phone do you use when you’ve founded one of the biggest technology company’s on the planet? If you’re Bill Gates, it’s not an iPhone. No, not at all. Nor does he use Windows Phone. But who can blame him?

According to Gates himself, he now uses an Android phone, though he has not confirmed which model. However, he did say that it features A LOT of Microsoft software on it, indicating that it is probably the Microsoft Edition of Samsung’s Galaxy S8.

Microsoft started selling the Microsoft Edition of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 in its retail stores this year, packing it full of Microsoft applications and software – things like Office, OneDrive, Cortana, and Outlook. You can, of course, get ALL these applications via Google Play.

But the custom S8 handset does seem to indicate that this is an initiative that Microsoft will continue to push during 2017/18. Though no other handset has been confirmed yet, though a Note 8 version could well be on the cards.

Gates famously banned iPods and iPads in his home a few years back – though he does admit that Steve Jobs was a genius – but this fact by itself still wasn’t enough to persuade him to use one of those pesky iPhones.

As for PCs, Gates apparently uses a Windows machine, as you’d expect.

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