Windows Phone 8

Spotify Windows Phone App FINALLY Updated

News 12:19, 19 Jan 2015

Spotify has finally fixed its Windows Phone app

Microsoft To Showcase Windows 10 Smartphone Preview

News 15:17, 14 Jan 2015

Microsoft is preparing a preview of Windows 10 for smartphones

Nokia Lumia 1320 Review

Reviews 14:12, 24 Jul 2014

Nokia hits the budget phablet market with an affordable giant Windows Phone. Is this a good idea?

How To Make Your Windows Phone 8.1 Battery Last Longer

User guides 16:53, 13 Jun 2014

We give you some simple steps for getting more juice out of your Windows Phone's battery life

Windows Phone 8 Apollo vs Apple iOS 6

Windows Phone 8.5 Already In The Works

News 11:15, 7 Mar 2014

We haven’t clapped eyes on Windows Phone 8.1, but rumours suggest 8.5 is in the pipeline

Nokia Lumia 1320 UK Release Date Confirmed

News 12:17, 14 Feb 2014

The cheaper, but equally massive Nokia Lumia 1320 will be available in the UK from February 24

The Xbox One Needs To Be Microsoft's "iMac Moment"

Blogs 21:31, 5 Feb 2014

A new CEO should mean a new era for Microsoft. But does Nadella have what it takes to make Microsoft relevant again?

Nokia's Q4 Results: Disappointing, Surprising & Shocking

News 17:09, 23 Jan 2014

Nokia's Q4 2013 financial results are in and a poor quarter suggests Microsoft has a lot of work to do

Microsoft Makin’ It Rain For Potential WP Partners

News 12:23, 16 Jan 2014

Microsoft is funnelling cash to partner manufacturers, but not as much as previously thought

Apple’s UK market share dips 5% year-on-year

News 11:46, 13 Jan 2014

Stronger competition and the rise of Nokia and Sony have resulted in Apple’s market share dipping 5% in the UK

Microsoft's Most Expensive Mistake Gets A UK Release Date

News 12:52, 7 Aug 2014

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 hybrid tablet has had its UK pricing and release date confirmed. Is the third time really a charm?

Windows Phone 8

Nokia Black Windows Phone 8 update coming today

News 11:15, 10 Jan 2014

Lumia Black software update will roll out around the world today for Lumia 1020 and 925 handsets with more coming soon


Win a Nokia Lumia 625 with EE this Christmas

Advertising feature 17:30, 23 Dec 2013

KYM and EE team up for an Xmas giveaway. Just answer the question below to win an LTE-enabled Nokia Lumia 625

Microsoft event

Microsoft offers Samsung $1 billion to adopt Windows Phone

News 13:52, 16 Dec 2013

Microsoft isn’t afraid to splash the cash when it comes to encouraging Windows Phone adoption, according to Eldar

Windows Phone 8

Microsoft plans to END Windows Phone/Windows RT license fee

News 10:43, 13 Dec 2013

This could really shake things up. Microsoft "seriously" considering taking Windows Phone/Windows RT license free

Windows Phone

Windows Phone 9 coming “late-2014” sans Live Tiles?

News 16:11, 12 Dec 2013

Eldar's back with some pretty juicy claims about Microsoft's 2014 plans for its Windows Phone and Windows RT platforms...

Lumia Flagship With 5.2-inch 1080p Display Revealed

News 15:01, 12 Dec 2013

Nokia’s got yet another ‘flagship’ handset lined up, and it’s looking like a smaller version of the Lumia 1520…

Nokia X Series Is Go! Android OS; Uber Low-Price

News 12:24, 12 Mar 2014

What Is The Nokia X? It's Android, Jim. But not as we know it...

Samsung said to be prepping “high-end” Windows Phone

News 10:57, 6 Dec 2013

Is Samsung about to make a return to the Windows Phone space?

Windows Phone 8

Instagram is now available for Windows Phone

News 11:07, 21 Nov 2013

The photo based social networking app comes to the Windows Phone OS but only in beta