AM TasksPlus review

Reviews Dave Oliver 17:52, 24 Aug 2009

We review AM TasksPlus, a personal planner plug-in

If you've got a Windows Mobile handset you've already got personal organiser software on board, so why do you need another one?

As is often the case, it's not that an additional programme offers a huge leap in the way of additional functionality, but it's the ease of use that makes it worth your while.

AM TasksPlus is a Today screen plug-in that replaces the basic Tasks plug-in provided by Microsoft and allows you to display and organise your life on your device's home screen.

The clever bit is that it will organise your tasks in terms of hierarchy, as in which are your most pressing tasks (Actual, Due today, Overdue and Future tasks).

So right at the top of the Tasks section on your Today page it will tell you how many tasks in total you have outstanding, as well as the level of priority and how many are due to be completed today.

It's a neat way of organizing your life, especially if you're not the sort who necessarily jumps to fulfil tasks on your phone. Tasks Plus can offer an added sense of urgency.

There are options to set reminders for yourself when you add new tasks – this will happen automatically if you tick a box in the settings menu. You can also choose whether or not to show the start and due dates of your entries and the Tasks entry bar on your Today page.

The entries are all displayed compactly but clearly and you can easily switch between the compact and detailed versions if you need to see more.

You can choose to show all tasks, or just those which are outstanding, and there's a separate holiday category to help you divide up your life. You can also sync your entries with your computer as well as sending them to other devices by beam or Bluetooth

We tried the latest 1.5.1 version, which fixes the screen update bug that had been holding back the previous version, and it takes up about 60KB of memory to allow room for its library.

The new 1.6.1 version is still in beta and plans to add multiple filter selection (so you can organise by category, sensitivity or importance), a preview window and the option to limit the amount of displayed tasks per group added, all of which would be useful improvements.

AM TasksPlus is certainly a handy plug-in for busy folk and an improvement on the Tasks feature that comes with your Windows Mobile device – and it's free too.

AM TasksPlus info

Ease of use:

Platform: Windows Mobile

Price: Free

Developer: AM

Website/Demo: AM TasksPlus website

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