Sony Xperia Z vs ZTE Grand S

Vs 12:41, 15 Jan 2013

We check out the ZTE Grand S to see how it sits alongside the Sony Xperia Z

Samsung Galaxy S series ships 100 million units

News 11:13, 14 Jan 2013

Samsung's Galaxy S series has shipped over 100 million units since the first model hit the market

Samsung Ativ S smartphone and Ativ Tab UK releases detailed

News 09:54, 13 Dec 2012

Samsung's new Windows hardware is arriving at UK retailers this week with the Ativ S and Ativ Tab

Sony Xperia Android Jelly Bean update schedule coming in

News 12:20, 3 Dec 2012

Sony's update schedule for Android Jelly Bean will be announced in the middle of December, the company has revealed

Samsung Galaxy S Advance getting Android Jelly Bean in

News 11:18, 30 Nov 2012

Samsung will update the Galaxy S Advance to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean at the beginning of 2013

Android Jelly Bean

Sony now leading Android Open Source Project for Xperia S

News 08:59, 9 Nov 2012

Sony has revealed it's now at the helm of a project to bring pure Android 4.1 to the Xperia S and will bring Android 4.2 in the future

Samsung Ativ S vs Samsung Galaxy S3

Vs 12:33, 8 Nov 2012

The gloves are off as Samsung's Galaxy S3 takes on its Windows Phone8-based cousin the Ativ S

Samsung Ativ S vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Vs 15:17, 7 Nov 2012

Samsung's new Ativ S Windows Phone takes on the might of the company's own Android-powered Galaxy Note

Nexus 4 vs Samsung Ativ S

Vs 16:45, 1 Nov 2012

Google's latest flagship Nexus 4, created by LG, takes on Samsung's Windows Phone 8-based Ativ S

Sony Xperia Tablet S back on sale in November

News 11:54, 31 Oct 2012

Sony's 10-inch Xperia Tablet S is back on the market as the company has fixed its manufacturing defect

Samsung Ativ S review: First look

News 10:21, 30 Oct 2012

We managed to grab some time with the Samsung Ativ S at Microsoft's launch event. Read on for our first impressions

Mobile Talk: Why the Samsung Ativ S is currently on my radar

Features 18:08, 12 Oct 2012

Paul Briden explains why Samsung's Ativ S Windows Phone is one to watch

Sony halts Xperia Tablet S sales due to production flaw

News 11:57, 5 Oct 2012

A manufacturing flaw in Sony's Xperia Table S has put a stop to production and sales of the device

HTC One X+ vs Samsung Galaxy S3

Vs 17:47, 2 Oct 2012

We see how HTC's new One X+ stacks up against the Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Ativ S pre-orders surfacing

News 12:16, 1 Oct 2012

The Samsung Ativ S Windows Phone is going up for pre-order in Europe, suggesting a retail price of £440

Windows Phone 8X by HTC vs Samsung Ativ S

Vs 16:50, 25 Sep 2012

Samsung's Ativ S takes on the Windows Phone 8X by HTC in a flagship face-off

Samsung lists all devices which will get Android 4.1 Jelly

News 14:52, 24 Sep 2012

Samsung reveals a complete list of all devices which will update to Android Jelly Bean 4.1

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Ativ S

Vs 13:46, 21 Sep 2012

Can Samsung's Ativ S take on the might of the iPhone 5? We find out

Sony Xperia Tablet S hits UK shops

News 12:24, 10 Sep 2012

Sony's Xperia Tablet S is now available to buy in the UK

Can The Android Open Source Project solve fragmentation?

Features 16:45, 6 Sep 2012

We take a look at how the expansion of the Android Open Source Project could mean a bright future for Google's platform