Samsung Galaxy S4 next victim in Apple patent war

News 09:38, 15 May 2013

Apple is targeting the Samsung Galaxy S4 in its latest patent gripe with the Korean firm

iPhone 5S/iPhone 6 to feature invisible buttons and sliders?

News 15:48, 7 May 2013

The iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 could feature an invisible button and slider controls, according to patents revealed online

Nokia wins injunction against HTC One

News 11:23, 23 Apr 2013

Nokia has won a preliminary injunction against the HTC One

Apple scores UK court victory over Samsung

News 11:37, 8 Mar 2013

Samsung's claims of Apple infringing its patents have been found invalid

Apple legal dispute

Nokia backs Apple’s bid for Samsung ban

News 09:05, 7 Mar 2013

Nokia sides with Apple in Samsung patent dispute


Samsung could be fined a further $15billion in Apple patent

News 16:59, 28 Dec 2012

Samsung could be set to receive another momentous fine in its ongoing patent fracas with Apple

Samsung Office

Samsung hits back at Ericsson with request for US import ban

News 06:05, 26 Dec 2012

Samsung has gone on the offensive in its patent disagreement with Swedish manufacturer Ericsson

Eric Schmidt reckons it's 'curious' that Apple hasn't tried

News 12:29, 5 Dec 2012

Former Google CEO and current Chairman Eric Schmidt has revealed his thoughts on Apple's legal clashes with Android manufacturers


Samsung drags iPad mini, 4th gen iPad and HTC settlement

News 08:41, 22 Nov 2012

Samsung is gearing up for round two of the Apple patent wars, dragging the iPad mini and 4th gen iPad into the mix of infringing iDevices

HTC says it’s happy with Apple settlement

News 11:12, 20 Nov 2012

HTC CEO Peter Chou has said he’s happy with his company’s recent patent agreement with Apple — just don’t ask how much it’s costing them

Samsung won’t enter HTC-style peace treaty with Apple

News 14:10, 14 Nov 2012

Samsung has stated it won't negotiate a patent deal with Apple, following reports of HTC's agreement with the iPhone maker

HTC could pay £5 per handset sold to Apple in new agreement

News 16:14, 12 Nov 2012

HTC might be paying Apple £5 for every Android handset it sells, if rumours are true

UK court orders Apple to pay Samsung’s legal costs

News 09:47, 12 Nov 2012

Apple's in hot water over its apology to Samsung with UK courts ordering the iPad-maker to pay up

Apple and HTC sign 10-year license agreement

News 08:25, 12 Nov 2012

In a surprise announcement, Apple and HTC have revealed a 10-year patent licensing agreement

Apple looking to drag Android 4.1 Jelly Bean into Samsung

News 09:59, 7 Nov 2012

Android Jelly Bean is Apple's latest target for intellectual property infringement on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Microsoft involved in lawsuit over Live Tile interface

News 10:56, 1 Nov 2012

Microsoft has been issued a court order over its design of Windows' Live Tiles

Nokia patent could prevent multi user coming to Android

News 09:35, 31 Oct 2012

A patent filed by Nokia could prevent the Android 4.2 tablet multi user feature ever coming to smartphones

Apple loses UK iPad patent appeal against Samsung

News 16:40, 18 Oct 2012

Apple has lost its appeal in its case against Samsung's Galaxy Tab

Apple secures Orwellian patent for remotely disabling

News 12:51, 5 Sep 2012

Apple has been granted a patent that will give it wireless control over its customer’s iPhone and iPad cameras

Chinese Android-powered iPhone 5 clone challenges Apple

News 12:50, 5 Sep 2012

iPhone 5 Android clone maker threatens to sue Apple over iPhone 5