iPhone 5 review

Reviews 11:27, 29 Oct 2013

We've updated our iPhone 5 review to give you a true reflection of the phone, almost a year on [updated August 13 2013]

Google chairman says no Google Maps build yet submitted for

News 12:26, 25 Sep 2012

Eric Schmidt says Google hasn't submitted its Maps app to iOS 6 yet during the Japanese Nexus 7 launch in Tokyo

Apple recruiting ex-Google staff to fix iOS 6 Maps

News 12:43, 24 Sep 2012

Apple is turning to former Google employees to get iOS 6's erratic mapping service on track

Apple responds to iOS 6 Maps criticism - it's not finished

News 09:43, 21 Sep 2012

Apple has issued a statement following negative user reactions to its new Maps service

Apple’s iOS6 Maps: The biggest fails so far

News 15:59, 20 Sep 2012

Apple’s new Maps application hasn’t been well received by many. Richard Goodwin takes a look at some of the application’s biggest fails so far

Apple partner slams iPhone 5’s new Maps application

News 12:51, 19 Sep 2012

Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps application isn’t up to scratch, according to key partner

How to change the language on Maps inside the HTC One V

User guides 18:06, 6 Sep 2012

We show you how to change the language on Maps inside the HTC One V

Google Maps for Android updated with cycle routes

News 13:21, 31 Aug 2012

Google has updated its Maps app for Android with cycle paths and turn-by-turn bike navigation

Amazon looking to release a smartphone?

News 10:39, 4 Jul 2012

Amazon's acquisition of 3D mapping company UpNext suggests a smartphone may be on the way

Windows Phone 8

Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps will be part of all Windows

News 13:22, 21 Jun 2012

Nokia navigation services are going to be on all Windows Phone 8 devices, according to Microsoft

What does iOS 6 tell us about the iPhone 5 and Apple’s

Features 13:00, 20 Jun 2012

What does iOS 6 tell us about the future of Apple's products? Quo Circa analyst Rob Bamforth investigates

iOS 6 Maps hack now available for jailbroken iPhone 4

News 13:42, 15 Jun 2012

An iOS hacker has successfully got Apple’s iOS 6-exclusive 3D mapping feature working on an iPhone 4

New iPad

FaceTime over 3G and ‘flyover’ exclusive to iPhone 4S and

News 10:56, 14 Jun 2012

FaceTime over 3G will only work on Apple products running its A5 chipset or higher — so far that’s only the new iPad 3 and the iPhone 4S

How Apple is using military-grade aerial spy drones to

Features 14:17, 12 Jun 2012

Apple has recruited a private fleet of jets equipped with military-grade imaging technology to produce HD 3D imagery for its newly announced Maps service

iOS 6 Apple Maps

WWDC 2012: Apple says sayonara to Google Maps

Features 22:29, 11 Jun 2012

We take a look at the highlight of Apple's iOS 6 presentation: the unveiling of its new Maps software

Apple launches iOS 6 at WWDC 2012 with 200+ improvements

News 22:09, 11 Jun 2012

Apple, as expected, has launched iOS 6 at WWDC 2012 expo, bringing some notable improvements to Siri, plus Facebook integration and vector-based 3D maps

Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia Maps 2.0 lands on Lumia devices

News 18:10, 6 Jun 2012

More functionality has been added to the already useful Nokia Maps in the 2.0 update

iPhone Feature - Personal Tracking

How to get the most out of your phone's location services

User guides 16:11, 16 May 2012

We show you how to get the most out of your smartphone's location services, as well as the best free location-sharing apps

Apple changes over from Google Maps to OpenStreetMap

News 15:02, 9 Mar 2012

Apple's mapping services have jumped ship from Google Maps to OpenStreetMap

User Guide: How to get the best out of the iPhone 4S' Maps

User guides 13:37, 14 Dec 2011

We show you how to get the best out of the iPhone 4S' Maps application