Apple recruiting ex-Google staff to fix iOS 6 Maps

News 12:43, 24 Sep 2012

Apple is turning to former Google employees to get iOS 6's erratic mapping service on track

Apple responds to iOS 6 Maps criticism - it's not finished

News 09:43, 21 Sep 2012

Apple has issued a statement following negative user reactions to its new Maps service

How to ensure that your Sony Xperia S geo-tags your photos

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iPhone Feature - Personal Tracking

How to get the most out of your phone's location services

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We show you how to get the most out of your smartphone's location services, as well as the best free location-sharing apps


Apple to say farewell to Google Maps in iOS 6

News 16:27, 11 May 2012

Apple is trying to step away from Google's mapping service, and reportedly iOS 6 will see that happen

Smartphone Gym Buddy

How to turn your iPhone into the ultimate fitness companion

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We take a look at the best health and fitness apps for your iPhone

iCaughtU Pro review [iPhone]

Reviews 15:12, 13 Dec 2011

We review iCaughtU Pro, the jailbroken iPhone app that’s also taking a look at you

Foursquare 4.0 launches on iOS 5

News 13:23, 13 Oct 2011

Foursquare's 4.0 update adds new functionality through iOS 5

Microsoft fixes location tracking on Windows Phone

News 12:22, 3 Oct 2011

With last week's Mango update it appears Windows Phone devices are no longer tracking users

Foodspotting review [iPhone]

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We review the Foodspotting app for iPhone, which turns everyone into a Michael Winner-esque food critic

Llama Location Profiles

Reviews 23:26, 24 May 2011

We review Llama Location Profiles, a download that allows you to automate your Android phone's functions depending on your whereabouts


Apple devices becoming self-aware?

News 16:25, 21 Apr 2011

A hidden file within the iPhone and iPad tracks your location information, which has caused concerns over security and raised the question - why?


ForeverMap 2.0 down to 59p sale price

News 12:11, 19 Jan 2011

ForeverMap 2.0 map app for iPhone, iPad and iPod can be yours for a reduced price


Social location service Geomium exceeds 100,000 downloads

News 14:08, 1 Nov 2010

Geomium gets off to a popular start, rolling out across the entire UK early


Skobbler introduces offline map app ForeverMap for iPhone

News 12:22, 6 Oct 2010

Offline Google Maps rival ForeverMap is now available on the App Store


Geomium launches iPhone real time location platform

News 16:14, 30 Sep 2010

Geomium aims take on Foursquare and Facebook Places with its real time, local-focused, location-based, social platform


Trackut review

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We review Trackut, an app that tells you the exact location of your friends

GPS Today

GPSToday review

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Google Maps user guide preview

How to use Google Maps on the Sony Ericsson W705

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