Apple losing ground to Android in tablet space

News 10:22, 29 Nov 2012

Apple’s iPad, once a dominant force in the tablet space, is starting to lose ground to Google’s Android platform, which now owns 44 per cent of the market

Apple iPad Mini review

Reviews 11:49, 9 Nov 2012

We review the iPad Mini, a 7.9-inch screened tablet set to challenge Google's Nexus 7 head-on

The iPad Mini: Everything you need to know — specs, prices,

Features 17:38, 23 Oct 2012

The Apple iPad Mini is now official — here's everything you need to know about the device

Android 4.x users increase, but Jelly Bean still suffers

News 12:20, 2 Oct 2012

Android 4.x is running on a quarter of all handsets inside the Android ecosystem, but Jelly Bean is still a non-entity

iPad 5 Render

Production of Apple’s iPad Mini underway in Brazil

News 10:57, 2 Oct 2012

Apple’s iPad Mini is said to now be in production at Foxconn’s Brazil-based facilities

Apple’s iPhone 5 A6 chipset clocked at 1.3GHz

News 13:35, 28 Sep 2012

New benchmarks from GeekBench have revealed that the iPhone 5’s A6 processor is actually clocked at 1.3GHz

The iPhone 5’s display is better than the iPhone 4/’s.

News 16:55, 27 Sep 2012

Not happy with the iPhone 5? Think there’s no difference bar 0.5-inches in the display? Prepare to be proved wrong

Google Maps for iPhone 5 and iOS6 landing Q4 2012

News 13:19, 27 Sep 2012

An official Google Maps application will be available for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 before the end of the year

Google’s Chrome browser updated for iPhone 5

News 16:04, 25 Sep 2012

Google’s Chrome browser is now fully optimised for use aboard the iPhone 5

iPhone 5 review

Reviews 11:27, 29 Oct 2013

We've updated our iPhone 5 review to give you a true reflection of the phone, almost a year on [updated August 13 2013]

iOS6 now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

News 11:52, 20 Sep 2012

Apple’s iOS6 is now live and ready for download for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, introducing some 200 new features plus Apple’s controversial new Maps application

16GB iPhone 5 price confirmed at £529 — and no, that’s not

News 12:34, 13 Sep 2012

Apple has confirmed the pricing for its iPhone 5 — and it’s not good. The 16GB iPhone 5 will cost a staggering £529

New iPhone

The iPhone 5 will destroy the Samsung Galaxy S3

Features 17:05, 10 May 2012

Forget the Samsung Galaxy S3 — Apple’s iPhone 5 will be the true flagship handset of 2012

Apple working on 5-inch Retina Display for iPhone 5

News 13:07, 8 May 2012

Leaks from inside China claim that Apple is working on a 5-inch Retina Display for its iPhone 5 handset

iPad 5 Render

Confusion over iPhone 5 leads to dip in Apple stock value

News 18:00, 18 Apr 2012

Increased competition from Google and confusion over the iPhone 5 has resulted in five days of consecutive losses for Apple’s stock value

Can the Samsung Galaxy S III beat the iPhone 5?

Features 15:06, 18 Apr 2012

The iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III are both poised to get a release date this summer — but which will be best? We investigate

Will Apple’s iTunes 11 launch alongside iOS6?

News 11:45, 11 Apr 2012

Details regarding Apple’s iTunes 11 software emerge online — is this the update we’ve been waiting for?

Leaked iPhone 5 image confirms larger display

‘New sleek look’ iPhone 5 will dwarf previous launches

News 10:33, 10 Apr 2012

Apple’s iPhone 5 is expected to launch in Q3 of 2012, according to one analyst, and will dwarf previous launches

Apple’s iPhone 5: What it will need to succeed in 2013

Features 18:02, 4 Apr 2012

Apple needs to start pushing the boundaries again with its iPhone 5. Here’s what we want to see aboard what will no doubt be 2012’s best-selling phone

Apple to launch iPhone 5 in Q3 2012, claims report

News 09:10, 21 Feb 2012

Apple will allegedly launch the iPhone 5 in Q3 — around September or October — 2012, according to a new report for Japan