Windows Phone 7

Nokia owns Samsung & HTC inside Windows Phone space

News 10:59, 11 Jun 2013

Nokia’s the biggest fish in Microsoft’s smallish Windows Phone pond, according to new research

Windows Phone 7.8 update confirmed for late-January

News 10:52, 21 Jan 2013

Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.8 update will arrive at the end of January

Windows Phone 8 four times more popular than Windows Phone 7

News 08:52, 17 Dec 2012

Windows Phone 8 usage stats suggest four times the uptake compared to its predecessor

100 per cent increase in app downloads since release of

News 12:08, 4 Dec 2012

Microsoft has confirmed that downloads from its Windows Phone Store have more than doubled since the release of Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 up and running on HTC HD2

News 11:38, 3 Dec 2012

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform has been pictured running on the rather ancient HTC HD 2

Microsoft involved in lawsuit over Live Tile interface

News 10:56, 1 Nov 2012

Microsoft has been issued a court order over its design of Windows' Live Tiles

Windows Phone 7.8 features leaked

News 08:59, 1 Nov 2012

Windows Phone 7.8 will feature Xbox SmartGlass,Xbox Music and People Hub 'Rooms', Microsoft sources have revealed

Super-affordable Nokia Lumia 510 announced

News 11:35, 23 Oct 2012

Nokia unveils its latest budget Windows Phone smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 510

Lumia 820 vs Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 820 vs Nokia Lumia 800

Vs 16:04, 10 Sep 2012

We compare Nokia’s Lumia 800 to its newly announced successor the Lumia 820

lumia 710

Microsoft listening to user input for Windows Phone 7.8

News 11:06, 10 Sep 2012

Microsoft is taking user feedback for new features in the 7.8 Windows Phone update

Windows Phone

Nokia Glory will replace Lumia 610 but still runs Windows

News 09:42, 3 Sep 2012

The Nokia Lumia 610 is being usurped by a successor model, though the improvements seem minimal

Lumia 800

Microsoft confirms that Windows Phone 8 was the plan all

News 13:37, 3 Jul 2012

Nokia was aware of the impending hardware schism introduced by Windows Phone 8 well before the release of its first Windows Phone 7 devices, it has been claimed

Why don’t UK consumers like Windows Phone?

Features 13:22, 29 Jun 2012

Will Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 update improve the platform’s standing with UK consumers? Know Your Mobile speaks to mobile phone retailer to find out

Nokia Lumia 900 running Windows Phone 7.8 video preview

News 12:02, 26 Jun 2012

Microsoft has released a video of the Nokia Lumia 900 running an early build of Windows Phone 7.8

Microsoft SkyDrive

How to get 25GB of SkyDrive storage on your Windows Phone

News 17:40, 15 May 2012

We take a look at how you can get 25GB of cloud storage on any Windows Phone smartphone

Galaxy S2-esque Samsung Omnia M officially unveiled

News 12:40, 11 May 2012

The Samsung Omnia M is now official, bringing some Galaxy S2-like styling to the world of Windows Phone

Nokia is already the world’s biggest Windows Phone vendor

News 16:01, 24 Feb 2012

Nokia is confirmed as the world’s biggest Windows Phone vendor after just three months

iPhone 4S nabs 29 per cent of UK market

News 08:43, 21 Feb 2012

Apple’s iPhone 4S now owns 29.1 per cent of the UK smartphone market, claims new research

Microsoft adds Vision and Image Matching for Newspapers to

News 12:41, 17 Feb 2012

Windows Phone’s Bing has been updated with Bing Vision and Bing Image Matching for Newspapers

Nokia Lumia 900 release date confirmed for June

News 17:52, 23 Jan 2012

The Windows Phone-powered Nokia Lumia 900 will be getting a global release date in June, according to The Carphone Warehouse