Windows Phone

Windows 10: 10 Things You Need To Know

Features 10:54, 10 Jul 2015

Windows 10 is coming VERY soon. Here's 10 things you need to know.

Install Windows 10 Mobile on Your Phone RIGHT NOW

User guides 15:11, 9 Nov 2015

The first preview of Windows 10 for mobile is here –– this is how you download it RIGHT NOW

Cyanogen Ditches OnePlus AND Jumps Into Bed With Microsoft

News 15:11, 30 Jan 2015

Microsoft is apparently pumping A LOT of cash into Cyanogen

Snapchat For Windows Phone "Situation" Hits New Low

News 16:42, 22 Dec 2014

Third-party Snapchat apps have been axed from the Windows Phone store meaning there is now no way to receive Snaps on a Microsoft device

Nokia Lumia Is Dead, Long Live THE "Microsoft" Lumia

News 11:36, 27 Oct 2014

Nokia’s branding on the Lumia line of products is to be dropped with Microsoft Lumia taking on the mantle

Galaxy S5 Sales Lag Behind iPhone 5s Figures In UK

News 14:55, 30 Jun 2014

Samsung is struggling to keep up with Apple in the UK, according to Kantar Worldpanel Comtech

Android Holds Majority Share of Smartphone Market

News 15:17, 27 Jan 2014

Smartphone market share figures are out whilst Apple and BlackBerry lose ground

Nokia seeks UK ban of HTC One

News 12:26, 31 Oct 2013

Nokia scores big win against HTC in on-going patent feud

Get Netflix for free with Vodafone and Nokia

News 13:30, 15 Oct 2013

Nokia and Vodafone are offering free Netflix subscriptions –– for 12 months –– on select Nokia Lumia handsets

Microsoft decision to license Nokia patents is about Android

News 14:46, 6 Sep 2013

Microsoft didn't get Nokia's patents in its acquisition, but this is a good thing for all parties – bar Android

Smartphones in 2023: Where is mobile technology heading?

Blogs 15:29, 19 Apr 2013

What does the future hold for mobile technology? Damien McFerran dusts off his crystal ball to take a look


Google linked to $1 billion WhatsApp acquisition

News 08:49, 8 Apr 2013

Google wants WhatsApp and will reportedly pay $1 billion for the cross-platform IM service