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Windows Phone Marketplace

Windows Phone breaks 100,000 apps barrier

News 12:32, 6 Jun 2012

Windows Phone has reached 100,000 apps, with more than 26,000 added in the last three months

Windows Mobile Marketplace

Microsoft clamps down on app trademark abuse

News 17:09, 2 May 2012

Microsoft has said it is clamping down on Windows Phone apps that abuse trademarks

Windows Phone Marketplace to be phased out for pre-Mango

News 15:55, 25 Apr 2012

Microsoft has said it will be closing the Windows Phone Marketplace for devices not on Mango

Windows Mobile Marketplace

Microsoft begins addressing slow app approval process

News 09:50, 13 Apr 2012

Microsoft has started to streamline the process of getting an app approved and on the Windows Marketplace to help with recent delays

Nokia Lumia AC/DC

Nokia and Microsoft invest €18 million into 'AppCampus'

News 10:34, 26 Mar 2012

In a bid to help with app support on Windows Phone, Nokia and Microsoft will invest into a new apps development program

All About Windows Phone

Windows Phone reaches 40,000 apps, 165 added daily

News 11:19, 17 Nov 2011

Windows Phone must be proving popular with developers as it's reached the 40,000 apps milestone in a relatively short space of time

3D Camera review

Reviews 11:20, 12 Oct 2011

We review 3D camera, an anaglyph app from that adds depth to your photos

Waterstone's review

Reviews 16:53, 14 Sep 2011

We review the Waterstone's for Windows Phone 7, an app that allows you to purchase books from your phone

Mobile and smartphone applications

The apps debate: Do they really matter?

Blogs 11:38, 10 Sep 2011

When a new platform is released, manufacturers inevitably bring out the app numbers. Do they really matter that much, though?

Xbox Live for Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace hits 25,000 apps mark

News 11:23, 4 Jul 2011

It may be a long way behind Android and iOS, but Windows Phone 7 users can enjoy over 25,000 apps

TouchyBooks ebooks for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft is bringing children's ebooks to Windows Phone

News 11:37, 22 Jun 2011

More than 300 ebooks for kids will be released on Windows Phone 7 by the end of June, with support for Android and the BlackBerry PlayBook to follow

Doodle Jump for Windows Phone 7

Doodle Jump lands on Windows Phone 7

News 12:44, 2 Jun 2011

The infinite-climber platformer Doodle Jump has made the jump onto Windows Phone 7

Thumba Windows Phone 7

Best photography apps: Windows Phone 7

User guides 14:49, 16 May 2011

We take a look at the cream of the photography app crop on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform

Windows Phone 7 event

Windows Phone 7 Mango unveiled to UK on May 24?

News 11:42, 10 May 2011

An invite to a VIP Windows Phone 7 event on May 24 will see Microsoft 'life the curtain on the next major release'

Fable: Coin Golf review

Reviews 14:44, 14 Apr 2011

We review Fable: Coin Golf, a crazy golf game from Microsoft Games Studio for Windows Phone 7

Super Monkey Ball review

Reviews 18:16, 12 Apr 2011

We review Super Monkey Ball, a tilting maze game from SEGA for Windows Phone 7

Tube Companion review

Reviews 16:59, 12 Apr 2011

We review Tube Companion, a London Underground app from TeamG

Windows Phone 7

Microsoft warns users over unofficial NoDo update

News 09:42, 8 Apr 2011

Eric Hautala, general manager of customer experience engineering, has warned users not to download the unofficial NoDo release

Android Marketplace

Android Market grows a staggering 861.5 per cent

News 13:34, 21 Feb 2011

The Android Market has grown a staggering 861.5 per cent, but still only represents 4.7 per cent of the entire market

Game of the Month

Game of the Month: Ilomilo

News 14:08, 1 Feb 2011

The game we just haven’t been able to put down this month is Southend Interactive’s Ilomilo, a mighty fine Windows Phone 7 puzzle game