Voice Control

Android Siri equivalent 'Assistant' could land in Q4

News 09:11, 5 Mar 2012

Reports suggest Google's own voice command software to rival Siri might be released in Q4, 2012

Dragon Go review [Android]

Reviews 13:24, 17 Jan 2012

Android has seen a flood of Siri imitators since the launch of the iPhone 4S - could Dragon Go be the one to rule them all?

Iris review [Android]

Reviews 17:38, 6 Dec 2011

Coded in response to Apple’s Siri, Iris is Android’s very own voice-activated assistant. But is it any good? We review it to find out

Hack enables thermostat control from Siri

News 10:05, 21 Nov 2011

Who needs to get up and adjust the thermostat when you could in theory get Siri to do it for you

iPhone firmare 3.0 logo

Jibbler iPhone 3.0 voice control functionality

News 02:57, 22 Apr 2009

Online reports claim that voice control will play a part of the new iPhone 3.0 OS in a way that goes beyond simply voice-dialling

RIM BlackBerry Bold

Google adds voice control to BlackBerry app

News 16:14, 27 Mar 2009

Google's My Location application for BlackBerry handsets now features voice control for the UK and US