Beyond Browser 2 review [Windows Phone]

Reviews 11:37, 29 Dec 2011

We review Beyond Browser 2, a web browser from Simple Is Beautiful that focuses on quick links over typical modern operations

MailGrabber review

Reviews 14:23, 1 Mar 2011

We review MailGrabber, an iPhone app with an eye for emails

Agile Reply review

Reviews 12:18, 1 Mar 2011

We review Agile Reply, an iPhone app that reduces the number of taps it takes to send a text message when you can’t answer a call

Home Inventoryfor iPhone review

Reviews 16:22, 25 Feb 2011

We review Home Inventory for iPhone - a way of keeping track of your belongings

SaveTunes review

Reviews 17:15, 23 Nov 2010

We review SaveTunes, an iPhone application that circumvents iTunes and allows you to extract music from the devices without the need for jailbreaking

Bike Doctor review

Reviews 12:11, 10 Nov 2010

We review Bike Doctor, a bike maintenance app for Android

WidgetLocker review

Reviews 16:51, 23 Sep 2010

We review WidgetLocker for Android, an app that replaces the standard Android lock system

USB Disk review

Reviews 15:53, 14 Sep 2010

We review USB Disk on iPhone, an app that allows you to transport and store your office files

ADW.Launcher review

Reviews 15:48, 28 Jul 2010

We review ADW.Launcher - a customised Android homescreen

Chrome to Phone review

Reviews 12:59, 27 Jul 2010

We review Chrome to Phone, an app that allows you to push content from your desktop to your phone

Redlaser review

Reviews 12:09, 1 Jul 2010

We review Redlaser for iPhone - a barcode reading and price comparison app

Consume - Mobile, ISP, Packages review

Reviews 18:32, 21 Jun 2010

We review iPhone minutes monitoring app, Consume

WorldCard Mobile review

Reviews 15:52, 9 Jun 2010

We review WorldCard Mobile - a Rolodex style application for syncing contacts

Launcher Pro review

Reviews 19:01, 8 Jun 2010

We review Launcher Pro, an Android application that allows you to launch apps instantly


MySettings review

Reviews 12:39, 3 Jun 2010

We review MySettings for Android - an app that makes it easy to adjust your settings

Aetherspark for iPhone

Aetherspark review

Reviews 18:45, 27 May 2010

We review Aetherspark for iPhone, a utility that allows you to turn your iPhone into a mass storage device

GamePro for Android

GamePro review

Reviews 18:15, 27 May 2010

We review GamePro for Android, a retro gaming app

Hide my Messages for iPhone

Hide My Message review

Reviews 18:50, 24 May 2010

We review Hide My Message for iPhone - a way of sending and receiving secret messages

Smart Keyboard Pro

Smart Keyboard Pro review

Reviews 12:54, 30 Apr 2010

We review Smart Keyboard Pro, a virtual keyboard for Android

Stick It

Stick It for iPad review

News 16:02, 11 Apr 2010

We review Stick It - a reminder and memo app for the Apple iPad that lets you put notes on the lock and home screens