Nexus 4 out of stock

Nexus 4 out of stock in the UK again

News 12:26, 17 Dec 2012

The Google Nexus 4 has come off sale in the UK again, we assume due to supply issues, but Google has blamed LG


Seoul’s Samsung D’Light tour —AKA geek heaven

Features 13:46, 18 Oct 2012

Samsung’s D’Light studio in Seoul showcases all Samsung’s technology with a huge store in the basement. We take a look around

Microsoft re-branding Windows Phone Marketplace

News 11:31, 8 Aug 2012

Microsoft will re-name the Windows Phone Marketplace Windows Phone Store for Windows Phone 8

Apple censors the word ‘Jailbreak’ on iTunes

News 18:29, 17 May 2012

Jailbreak is apparently a dirty word for Apple as the iPhone giant has censored it on iTunes

Telefonica launches TU Me communication and sharing app

News 10:32, 9 May 2012

Tu ME is a new messaging, calling and sharing app from Telefonica available for iPhone

Samsung Galaxy S III Mobile Pin

Samsung unveils Apple-inspired pop-up stores

News 09:14, 4 May 2012

At its Galaxy S3 launch, Samsung has unveiled new 'Mobile Pin' pop-up stores

Google to launch branded tablet store

News 13:27, 30 Mar 2012

Google is aiming to make Android tablets more visible with its own branded store

PingMe cross-platform messenger now on Windows Phone

News 09:53, 21 Mar 2012

PingMe is a free messaging app which lets you talk across most phone and tablet platforms

Apple App Store passes 25 billion download landmark

News 11:32, 6 Mar 2012

Apple has just achieved 25 billion downloads on its iTunes App Store service, once again proving it's the app king

Apple acquires Chomp to enhance iTunes/App Store

News 11:34, 24 Feb 2012

Apple has reportedly acquired app discovery platform Chomp to help revamp the App Store

iOS app 'bot farming' rampant on the App Store

News 17:12, 7 Feb 2012

Bot farming is reportedly giving some developers up to 50,000 illegitimate downloads on the App Store

Sonic CD with Xperia Play-optimisation rolls onto Android

News 15:10, 15 Dec 2011

Sonic the Hedgehog lands on iOS and Android in Sonic CD

MinoMonsters hits Apple’s App Store

News 11:50, 8 Dec 2011

MinoMonsters brings monster battling action to the iPhone, iPad and iPod

Google Music beta

Google Music store glimpse appears online

News 08:51, 14 Nov 2011

Images of Google Music spilled onto the interwebs suggest the advertising giant will be rolling out its music store in the near future

Google pulls Gmail app from iTunes

News 10:27, 3 Nov 2011

Google has withdrawn its Gmail app from Apple's App Store because of an error message bug

Apple logo

Apple Store shopping app launches November 3

News 10:04, 2 Nov 2011

Apple's new app lets you buy products on your phone and pick them up 12 minutes later

iOS Gmail app on the way

News 10:31, 1 Nov 2011

Google has submitted a Gmail app to Apple's iOS App Store

Namco Bandai Halloween game sale begins

News 12:13, 27 Oct 2011

Namco Bandai's mobile games catalogue has been chopped to bits (reduced) for a Halloween sale

iOS Corona Indie Bundle 69p on App Store

News 13:06, 11 Oct 2011

Get five iOS games and donate money to charity with the Corona Indie Bundle

Skobbler hybrid satnav app to launch in UK

News 12:19, 4 Oct 2011

Skobbler is launching Navigation 2, a hybrid satnav app for iOS