How To Make Chrome Your iPhone's Default Browser

iOS alternative browser roundup

Features 16:28, 18 Jul 2012

As more and more third-party web browsers appear on the App Store, Safari is looking a little dated, so here’s a roundup of the best ways to surf on an Apple touchscreen

chrome vs safari

Google Chrome for iOS vs Safari: an in-depth speed and

Features 16:33, 3 Jul 2012

We look at how the new Chrome for iOS compares to Apple's Safari and what new features Chrome has

Maven Web Browser+ review [iPhone]

Reviews 16:51, 21 Jun 2012

We go surfing on the digital waters with the beautifully designed and feature-rich third-party iPhone browser, Maven Web Browser+

Three for Free - News Apps

Three for Free: News Apps

User guides 09:55, 5 Apr 2012

We take a look at the some of the best free news applications for your smartphone

Portal - Full Screen Browser review [iPhone]

Reviews 15:07, 13 Dec 2011

We take back our iPhone's screen real estate as we review the uniquely-controlled -- and aptly named -- web browser, Portal - Full Screen Browser.

Apple owns EU

Apple’s iPhone Safari browser owns 62 per cent of the

News 16:02, 2 Nov 2011

Apple’s iPhone and iPad Safari browser is crushing Android and Opera Mini in the mobile browser stakes according to new research by Net Applications

iPad 2 vs iPad browser speed test

Video: Apple iPad 2 vs Apple iPad Safari speed test

Vs 11:46, 16 Mar 2011

We take a look at how fast the Safari browser is on the iPad compared to the iPad 2 using the same Wi-Fi network

Apple iPad 2 front

The iPad 2: It's official

News 18:44, 2 Mar 2011

The rumours and speculation has been rampant, but it can all finally be put to rest as Steve Jobs has unleashed the iPad 2 tablet


Flash comes to iPhone via Skyfire

News 08:44, 3 Nov 2010

Looks like Flash support (well, kind of) is finally coming to the iPhone via a browser application known as Skyfire mobile

Safari on the iPad

How to use the Safari web browser on the iPad

User guides 18:35, 5 Jul 2010

We show you how to use Safari to browse the web on your iPad

Safari on iPad

How to use Safari on the Apple iPad

User guides 09:53, 3 Apr 2010

We show you how to use Safari on the Apple iPad

The BlackBerry WebKit browser

MWC: RIM finally updates BlackBerry web browser

News 17:07, 16 Feb 2010

RIM unveils a new web browser for BlackBerry that employs the same technology used by the Apple iPhone - and not before time

Perfect Web Broswer

Perfect Web Browser review

Reviews 16:37, 4 Sep 2009

We review Perfect Web Browser for the Apple iPhone, an alternative to Safari

iCab screenshots

iCab review

Reviews 17:46, 3 Sep 2009

We review iCab, a web browser that's a feature-laden alternative to Safari