Samsung Android 4.1 update nearly ready for Galaxy S2 —

News 09:28, 29 Nov 2012

Android Jelly Bean updates for older Samsung Galaxy devices are nearly ready

Samsung preparing Jelly Bean for Galaxy S2, S3 and Note

News 11:12, 7 Aug 2012

Samsung is gearing up to put Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on its most popular smartphones.

galaxy s2

Samsung Galaxy S2 gets Android 4.0.4 update

News 11:33, 10 Jul 2012

Samsung has officially released a new Android update for the Galaxy S2

Android 4.0

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 4.0 update rolls out

News 11:35, 12 Jun 2012

T-Mobile has begun its rollout of the Samsung Galaxy S2 Android Ice Cream Sandwich update

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III will be what the 'iPhone 4S was to the

News 18:28, 17 Apr 2012

A UK telecoms source has said the Samsung Galaxy S III will only be a minor update from the Galaxy S2


Vodafone announces delays for the Samsung Galaxy S II

News 12:49, 12 Apr 2012

Yet more delays have been announced for the Samsung Galaxy S II's Android Ice Cream Sandwich update

20 million Samsung Galaxy S2 units sold worldwide

News 14:00, 23 Feb 2012

Samsung has sold 20 million Galaxy S2 handsets since its launch in April, 2011

CES 2012: Lenovo IdeaPad S2 7 integrates WHDI streaming

News 10:29, 12 Jan 2012

Lenovo has unveiled its integrated HD streaming technology that allows you to stream content to HD televisions wirelessly

Christmas 2011: Best phones for apps

Features 15:51, 30 Nov 2011

We've created a run down some of the best phones for apps this Christmas.

Christmas Gift Guide: Brother

Features 17:10, 9 Nov 2011

We've come up with a Christmas list of what mobile-related gifts you can buy your brother this year

Samsung Focus S shown off at Microsoft event

News 11:56, 31 Oct 2011

Samsung's new Focus S Windows Phone, based on the Galaxy S2, has been captured on video at the company's US Inner Circle Tour

Ice Cream

Samsung devices including Galaxy S2 to get Ice Cream

News 18:03, 28 Oct 2011

Samsung is preparing to update a range of its premium Android devices to Android Ice Cream Sandwich in the second quarter of 2012

Motorola Droid RAZR vs Samsung Galaxy S2

Vs 12:55, 19 Oct 2011

We compare Motorola's new ultra-thin Droid Razr with Samsung's reigning champion, the Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs Samsung Galaxy S2

Vs 11:54, 19 Oct 2011

We compare Samsung's latest Galaxy Nexus smartphone with its own well-established Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S ii

Samsung sells 30 million Galaxy S and Galaxy S2 phones

News 12:09, 18 Oct 2011

Samsung has announced 30 million Galaxy S and Galaxy S2 have been sold worldwide

Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung releases Galaxy S2 vs iPhone 4S comparison sheet

News 15:15, 5 Oct 2011

Samsung has released a chart to show how much better the Galaxy S2 is than Apple's iPhone 4S

Samsung Galaxy S2 sells 10 million units

News 12:41, 26 Sep 2011

Samsung has shifted 10 million Galaxy S2 handsets. No wonder Apple is getting worried

Samsung Galaxy S2 vs LG Optimus Q2

Vs 17:23, 23 Sep 2011

We watch as Samsung's Galaxy S2 defends its title against LG's new Optimus Q2

Samsung Galaxy S II versus the Apple iPhone 4

Samsung Galaxy S2 officially fatter than iPhone 4

News 18:10, 14 Sep 2011

It may be the world's most powerful smartphone, but it's no longer the thinnest, at least by UK advertising standards

Samsung Galaxy S2 White now available at Vodafone

News 10:23, 6 Sep 2011

The Samsung Galaxy S2 white is now available from at Vodafone on a variety of monthly tariffs