Samsung Galaxy Note 3 leaked photo suggests larger display

News 09:37, 23 Apr 2013

A Galaxy Note 3 render has appeared based on leaked pictures of the next Samsung phablet


Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Samsung's MWC 2013 launch rumours

News 16:26, 22 Feb 2013

We check out all the rumours to see what Samsung is likely to launch at Mobile World Congress

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 launching alongside Galaxy S4 Mini in

News 16:09, 14 Feb 2013

Rumors suggest the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini will be launched together in April, following on from the success of the Galaxy S3 and S3 Mini

Nexus 5 rumour resurfaces suggesting LG Optimus G Pro revamp

News 16:18, 6 Feb 2013

Google's Nexus 5 could be based on LG's Optimus G Pro

iPad Mini 2 rumours emerge

News 16:38, 4 Feb 2013

The iPad Mini 2 will feature a Retina display and dual-core processor and will debut alongside the iPad 5, reports claim

Samsung Galaxy S4 to get April release date

News 15:39, 22 Jan 2013

Samsung will reportedly launch the Galaxy S4 in March, with the phone landing in April. It may be called the Altius and will have wireless charging

‘iPhone Math’ rumoured as 4.8-inch model arriving June

News 09:10, 21 Jan 2013

Apple working on 4.8-inch 'iPhone Math' for release in June alongside iPhone 5S, rumours say

Samsung Galaxy S4 benchmarks show 1.8GHz Exynos Octa and

News 15:38, 18 Jan 2013

Samsung's Galaxy S4 flagship has shown up in benchmark stats with a 1.8GHz processor

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 pegged for MWC 2013

News 08:37, 18 Jan 2013

Samsung is readying a Galaxy Note 8.0 stylus-based tablet for Mobile World Congress next month


Sony Xperia Tablet Z on the way

News 11:58, 16 Jan 2013

Sony is working on a new Android tablet known as the Xperia Tablet Z, according to rumours

LG Optimus G2 pegged for Autumn launch

News 08:51, 16 Jan 2013

LG's next flagship, the Optimus G2, will arrive in Autumn, reports say, but the company might have an Optimus GK in the meantime

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga with Android pegged for June release

News 11:40, 14 Jan 2013

Lenovo could be gearing up to release a new version if its IdeaPad Yoga tablet loaded with Android

The iPhone 5S will have a 'brand new' design with a bigger

News 15:52, 8 Jan 2013

Reports claim the next iPhone will have a larger display and a completely new exterior style

Huawei 6.1-inch Windows Phone 8 handset in the works

News 09:21, 8 Jan 2013

Huawei might be the first to introduce a Windows Phone 8 'phablet' measuring 6.1-inches

LG Optimus G2 launching at CES 2013

News 14:36, 4 Jan 2013

LG is preparing the Optimus G2 for a showcase at CES 2013 next week, reports indicate

HTC M7 could debut at CES 2013

News 15:00, 3 Jan 2013

HTC's next flagship might be showcased for the first time at CES 2013

iPhone 5S landing in June in range of colours claims analyst

News 16:32, 2 Jan 2013

Apple's iPhone 5S will arrive in the Summer with multiple display variants and colour choices, according to one analyst

iPad Mini

iPad Mini 2 with 325ppi Retina display in development?

News 10:22, 14 Dec 2012

Apple could be developing an iPad Mini 2 with Retina display according to Asian sources

Analyst predicts iPhone 5S June release and features

News 12:48, 12 Dec 2012

The iPhone 5S could be on schedule to land Summer 2013 if analyst predictions prove correct

Nokia Windows Phone 7.8 feedback

Windows Phone 7.8 features accidentally leaked by Nokia

News 08:31, 12 Dec 2012

Nokia has leaked details of Windows Phone 7.8 in a customer survey on its website