Retina Display

Redesigned iPad 5 landing in Q3 2013

News 10:18, 22 Feb 2013

2013 will see the launch of yet another 9.7-inch iPad - only this time it'll look a lot different

iPad Mini review: first look and initial impressions

News 11:08, 6 Nov 2012

We go hands-on with the iPad Mini, Apple's aggressively priced rebuttal to Google's Nexus 7

The iPhone 5’s display is better than the iPhone 4/’s.

News 16:55, 27 Sep 2012

Not happy with the iPhone 5? Think there’s no difference bar 0.5-inches in the display? Prepare to be proved wrong

Apple working on 5-inch Retina Display for iPhone 5

News 13:07, 8 May 2012

Leaks from inside China claim that Apple is working on a 5-inch Retina Display for its iPhone 5 handset

Apple’s iPhone 5: What it will need to succeed in 2013

Features 18:02, 4 Apr 2012

Apple needs to start pushing the boundaries again with its iPhone 5. Here’s what we want to see aboard what will no doubt be 2012’s best-selling phone


Apple’s Retina Display: how does it work?

Features 16:45, 26 Mar 2012

We take a look at the science behind Apple’s Retina Display technology

Microsoft announces its answer to Apple's Retina Displays

News 11:57, 22 Mar 2012

Microsoft has shown how it plans to make the Metro user-interface work across displays of various sizes

New iPad 3 in-depth review

Reviews 15:17, 19 Mar 2012

We review Apple’s new iPad 3 to see if the third-generation slate device with its Retina Display and A5X system-on-a-chip does enough to surpass its predecessor

The new iPad on Three

Three confirms pricing for new iPad 3

News 16:32, 14 Mar 2012

Three has revealed how much money you will need to part with if you want the new iPad on a contract

iPad Retina Display

Retina Display: Not a pretty sight for developers

Features 13:55, 7 Mar 2012

An improved Retina Display is great for us, but will it be a nightmare for developers?

iPad 3 concept video emerges, showing off edge-to-edge

News 11:21, 5 Mar 2012

The team who brought you the iPhone 5 concept video has now released a video concept for the iPad 3

'Crunch mode' for Apple as supposed iPad 3 launch approaches

News 09:25, 10 Feb 2012

Apple is said to be 'in crunch mode', with the firm scrambling to get graphics-oriented apps at the ready

iPad 3 release date rumoured as first week in March

News 14:32, 9 Feb 2012

Rumours suggest the iPad 3 will be released in the first week of March

Apple drops Sharp and recruits LG and Samsung for iPad 3

News 14:02, 12 Jan 2012

Samsung and LG called in by Apple to manufacture iPad 3 Retina Display after Sharp fails to impress, claims report

No iPad 3 launch expected for January

News 09:43, 3 Jan 2012

Apple will not be launching the iPad 3 later this month, according to reports

Apple iPad 3 to get late-March early April release date

News 11:17, 12 Dec 2011

Apple’s iPad 3 is expected to get a release date within three to four months, according to reports

LG working on displays for mini iPad and iPhone 5

News 11:09, 15 Nov 2011

Rumours suggest LG is working on not just the iPad 3 display, but also one for a smaller iPad and the iPhone 5

Glare-free ‘invisible’ glass coming to smartphones and

News 12:20, 1 Nov 2011

Glare-free ‘invisible’ glass has finally been invented and the good news is that it’s coming to smartphones and tablets very soon

Will production issues delay iPad 3 release date?

News 16:05, 27 Oct 2011

LG and Samsung are reportedly having issues producing Apple’s iPad-sized Retina Display in the required volumes. Could this hold up the release date of the company’s third-generation tablet device?

Toshiba unveils Retina Display-killing LCD panel with 494.9

News 13:27, 24 Oct 2011

Toshiba has unveiled a 6.1-inch LCD panel with a display resolution of 2560x1600 pixels to rival Apple's Retina display