Qualcomm confirms massive profits and revenue for Q4 2012

News 09:30, 8 Nov 2012

Qualcomm has posted some rather impressive Q4 results, confirming the company’s dominant position in the mobile chip-making space

HTC's profits drop, while Samsung's soar

News 12:28, 26 Oct 2012

HTC and Samsung's Q3 results are in and it looks like Samsung is the winner with $7.4 billion profit

LG almost doubles its smartphone profit in Q1

News 12:35, 25 Apr 2012

LG has announced its earnings report for 2012's first quarter and profits look good, despite a drop in sales

Apple Q2 results blitz analyst forecasts

News 10:30, 25 Apr 2012

Apple's Q2 earnings results are in and things are looking peachy

Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia Lumia range 'exceeded expectations' in US but proved

News 12:26, 19 Apr 2012

Nokia's Q1 2012 financial results show a loss of of €1.3 billion, but the Finnish company did say the Lumia 900 launch has been 'encouraging'

RIM to concentrate on business customers after poor revenue

News 09:38, 30 Mar 2012

RIM's poor quarterly results prompt a shift to a business focus


Gameloft announces record Q4 sales results

News 17:38, 1 Feb 2012

Developer Gameloft has posted its results for Q4 of 2012

LG KC780

LG KC780 camera samples

Reviews 17:46, 4 Jan 2009

How good is the LG KC780's 8-megapixel camera? Our selection of digital images taken with the hot-shot cameraphone reveals all

Sony Ericsson logo and results

Sony Ericsson to cull handset range

News 17:21, 23 Oct 2008

Sony Ericsson plans to slash the number of handsets it sells by 20 per cent following its first loss in five years