Best BlackBerry Z10 leaked images and video

News 16:56, 21 Jan 2013

We've put together all the best shots and video footage of RIM’s BlackBerry Z10 ahead of its January 30 launch

RIM BlackBerry

RIM's BlackBerry App World now called BlackBerry World

News 09:36, 30 Nov 2012

In the run up to the launch of BlackBerry 10, RIM has renamed its BlackBerry App World. Now known as BlackBerry World, the store also features music and video

RIM BlackBerry

4G-enabled BlackBerry PlayBook launching next week

News 12:00, 3 Aug 2012

RIM has confirmed that it will be releasing a 4G-enabled BlackBerry PlayBook next week in Canada, with US and Europe launches to follow

10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook leaks online

News 15:26, 31 Jul 2012

An Image of RIM’s rumoured 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook has appeared online

BlackBerry 10 review: First look

Features 14:43, 14 May 2012

We take a look at RIM's next operating system, BlackBerry 10, ahead of our full review of a BB10 device

Existing RIM handsets won’t get BlackBerry 10

News 16:08, 9 May 2012

RIM's current phone catalogue won't be getting upgraded to BlackBerry 10

RIM might launch its first BlackBerry 10 handset in October

News 12:35, 26 Apr 2012

RIM’s first BlackBerry 10-powered smartphone could land as early as October, claims source

BlackBerry logo

RIM & BlackBerry: the decline and fall in pictures

News 10:05, 24 Apr 2012

We take a tour of RIM’s history from game-changing innovator to Wall Street worrier with a brand new infographic


Apple will still dominate tablet market in 2016

News 14:38, 11 Apr 2012

Apple will still dominate tablet market in 2016, says Gartner, with Android and Windows languishing in second and third place

Everything we know about RIM’s BlackBerry 10

Features 19:21, 28 Mar 2012

We take a look at all the leaks, speculation and information surrounding RIM’s BlackBerry 10 operating system ahead of the company’s BlackBerry World 2012 expo

KYM MobCast Episode 1 is now LIVE

News 11:42, 28 Mar 2012

The Know Your Mobile MobCast — Episode 1 — is now live, featuring a trio of perspectives on the new iPad, Windows 8, BlackBerry and the HTC One X among other things

BlackBerry London smartphone is back and looking better

News 08:36, 1 Feb 2012

RIM's BlackBerry 10 based London smartphone has re-emerged online with a new face

New RIM CEO says no to Android on BlackBerry handsets

News 15:35, 27 Jan 2012

RIM’s newly appointed CEO has officially slammed the idea of Google’s Android operating system coming to BlackBerry

RIM 2012 roadmap assembled

News 09:44, 25 Jan 2012

A rough roadmap of RIM's 2012 suggests what to expect in the coming months

Will RIM’s boardroom reshuffle be enough to save the

Features 15:14, 23 Jan 2012

Can a boardroom reshuffle and the appointment of a new CEO turn around RIM’s fortunes in 2012? We investigate

CES 2012: RIM updates BlackBerry PlayBook with QNX 2.0

News 11:11, 10 Jan 2012

RIM has finally introduced native email to its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet via the BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.0 update

Rumour: RIM cancels BlackBerry Milan

News 11:58, 4 Jan 2012

RIM may have cancelled its forthcoming BlackBerry 10 powered BlackBerry Milan smartphone

RIM slashes BlackBerry PlayBook price to £169 in UK — still

News 11:59, 3 Jan 2012

The BlackBerry PlayBook is now available in the UK for just £169 — down from £399

The biggest tech controversies of 2011

Features 11:14, 23 Dec 2011

We take a look back at some of the biggest controversies that rocked the world of mobile technology in 2011

Can the BlackBerry PlayBook ever replace the Galaxy Tab

Features 12:48, 19 Dec 2011

We spent a couple of weeks with RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook to see if it could ever replace our iPad or Samsung Galaxy 10.1