Qualcomm confirms massive profits and revenue for Q4 2012

News 09:30, 8 Nov 2012

Qualcomm has posted some rather impressive Q4 results, confirming the company’s dominant position in the mobile chip-making space

LG Prada 3.0 Android smartphone

Handset sales help reduce LG losses

News 10:27, 2 Feb 2012

LG is still in the red its financial results have shown, but profits from handset and TVs have lessened the gap


Gameloft announces record Q4 sales results

News 17:38, 1 Feb 2012

Developer Gameloft has posted its results for Q4 of 2012

Samsung achieves record profits

News 09:18, 27 Jan 2012

It's not just Apple who's celebrating - Samsung had a record quarter, too

Nokia received $250 million for adopting Windows Phone

News 14:23, 26 Jan 2012

Nokia's quarterly results have revealed Microsoft paid the Finnish manufacturer $250 million to adopt Windows Phone

iCloud storage

Apple iCloud reaches 85 million users

News 10:19, 25 Jan 2012

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said over 85 million users worldwide have signed up to iCloud

Motorolola shifted 5.3 million smartphones in Q4

News 09:17, 9 Jan 2012

The return of the mighty Razr wasn't enough to propel Motorola's Q4 sales above 10.5 million mobile phones