iOS Makes More Ad Money Than Android

News 16:31, 22 Jan 2014

But Android smartphones have begun to overtake the iPhone for the first time

Rumoured Facebook phone is HTC Opera UL

News 10:53, 2 Nov 2012

The Facebook phone is real and rumoured to be under development as the HTC Opera UL

Amazon Fire’s Silk browser hacked and ported to other

News 09:38, 5 Jan 2012

The Kindle Fire's Silk browser has been hacked and ported to other Android devices


Opera Mini 6.5 hits iOS and BlackBerry OS

News 11:56, 3 Nov 2011

Version 6.5 of Opera's new mobile browser has launched on iOS, BlackBerry OS, Symbian, MeeGo and Maemo

Opera Mobile 11.1 update supports Android Honeycomb and

News 10:48, 14 Sep 2011

Opera's mobile browser has a new update which works on Android Honeycomb and fixes a major security bug

Opera Mini and Opera Mobile

Opera updates Mini and Mobile browser

News 12:55, 30 Jun 2011

Opera has announced two new versions of its mobile browser apps


Opera Android Tablet browser emerges

News 15:34, 4 Jan 2011

A demonstration clip has been released showing the new Opera software and its features running on an Android tablet

Full Opera Mobile confirmed for Android

Full-fat Opera Browser confirmed for Android

News 18:16, 14 Oct 2010

Opera has confirmed that it will be bringing its full-fat Opera Browser to the Android platform

Opera Mini 5.1

Opera Mini 5.1 comes to Windows Mobile

News 15:23, 9 Sep 2010

Opera Mini 5.1 has finally been released on the Windows Mobile platform

Digital Opera S5+ review

Reviews 17:02, 2 Aug 2010

We review Digital Opera S5+ Bluetooth headset an iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad compatible Bluetooth headset

Opera Mini 5

Opera Mini 5 review

Reviews 14:06, 28 Apr 2010

We review Opera Mini 5 beta for Android, but how will one of the internet’s fastest growing browsers fare on the Android platform?

Opera Mini 5 for iPhone

Opera Mini shoots to top of App Store charts

News 01:10, 15 Apr 2010

The Opera Mini mobile browser was at one point the most popular free app across all 22 iTunes app stores

DigiFi’s Digital Opera S5 Bluetooth earphones

DigiFi’s Digital Opera S5 Bluetooth earphones review

News 17:35, 14 Apr 2010

We review the Opera S5 Bluetooth earphones, which feature a unique wrap-around-your-neck design, to see if they have what it takes to replace our more traditional headphones

Opera Mini on iPhone

Opera Mini has arrived on iPhone

News 14:16, 13 Apr 2010

Opera has announced that its Opera Mini mobile browser is now available on the App Store

The Opera App Store approval countdown

Opera dares Apple in public to reject its browser

News 10:45, 24 Mar 2010

Opera challenges Apple to reject its Opera Mini iPhone browser with a public App Store countdown and a side-by-side video comparison with Mobile Safari

Opera Mobile screenshot

Opera Mobile 10 for Windows Mobile released

News 16:34, 19 Nov 2009

Opera Mobile 10 beta features a new interface and a handful of new features to help speed up your browsing experience

Opera Mobile 10

Opera Mobile 10 Beta launches

News 12:40, 3 Nov 2009

Opera Mobile 10 for Symbian S60 handsets has been launched in beta

Apple iphone with Opera logo on screen

Opera bows out of App store after Apple ban

News 17:52, 31 Oct 2008

Mobile browser Opera has been banned by Apple's strict application guidelines