Vodafone: Network Reliability TRUMPS 4G EVERYTIME

News 10:59, 14 Jan 2015

Superfast 4G is great, just not at the expense of solid foundations and network reliability, says Vodafone CEO

EE Is Now Europe’s Largest 4G Network

News 15:15, 22 Oct 2014

EE has now become Europe’s largest 4G network with over 5.6 million LTE subscribers

5G Will Be Insanely FAST And It's Coming In 2020

Features 12:43, 22 Jun 2015

David Cameron and Angela Merkel confirm pact to make 5G a reality in UK and Germany by 2020. Here's why it's a HUGE Deal

China Mobile Gets 4G, Still No iPhone 5s Though

News 16:48, 18 Dec 2013

China Mobile launched its 4G network today but the long rumoured Apple iPhone is nowhere in sight

Are you with Three? If so 4G is finally on the way

News 10:56, 4 Dec 2013

Three UK initiates rollout of 4G services in London, Manchester and Birmingham

Millions could lose TV signal once 4G is switched on

News 14:41, 6 Jun 2013

Hello 4G, bye-bye TV!

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini with 4G confirmed by EE

News 09:44, 31 May 2013

EE confirms Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini with 4G, neglects to mention release dates and pricing

No Nexus 4 LTE announced at Google I/O 2013

News 20:04, 15 May 2013

The Google I/O keynote is now closing and there's been no sign of a Nexus 4 LTE model


EE doubles 4G network speeds

News 12:04, 9 Apr 2013

EE has announced it has doubled its 4G network speeds to improve the customer experience across the board

Three says its 4G prices will beat EE's current selection

News 11:31, 4 Feb 2013

LTE is set to be available as standard on all price plans and without a premium upfront fee, says Three Mobile UK

EE 4G coverage adds nine more towns

News 10:06, 1 Feb 2013

EE's 4G network now extends to an additional nine towns in the UK while existing infrastructure is being boosted

Samsung announces Galaxy Express 4G smartphone

News 10:57, 30 Jan 2013

Samsung has announced the Galaxy Express smartphone with 4G connectivity and a 4.5-inch display

HTC One SV vs Sony Xperia T

Vs 12:32, 28 Jan 2013

Is HTC's 4G-capable One SV better than the Sony Xperia T? We find out

EE announces new 4G tariffs

News 06:38, 23 Jan 2013

EE has introduced a range of new 4G LTE data tariffs to over greater customer choice

LG Optimus Pro leaks online, makes Nexus 4 look old hat

News 14:37, 18 Jan 2013

LG’s upcoming flagship, the LG Optimus Pro, has leaked online, revealing some utterly staggering specs and hardware

EE confirms 78 retail store closures

News 14:05, 17 Jan 2013

EE has confirmed that 78 of its retail locations around the UK will be closing in 2013 in order to cut costs


HTC One SV LTE review: First look

News 13:27, 16 Jan 2013

The HTC One SV brings 4G to the masses with its mid-range pricing and quirky design. We take a look ahead of our full review

Ofcom’s UK 4G Auction: Everything you need to know

Features 13:02, 16 Jan 2013

What’s going to happen at next week’s 4G auction? CSS Insight’s Kester Mann explains what to expect, how it’ll play out, and who stands to lose out

Nvidia’s Tegra 4 processor to bring 6x the power of Tegra 3

News 15:55, 18 Dec 2012

Details regarding Nvidia’s Tegra 4 mobile processor have leaked online, sources claims it has 6x the power of Tegra 3 plus better power efficiency

4G Nexus 7 and Galaxy Note 10.1 available on EE contracts

News 16:01, 14 Dec 2012

You'll soon be able to buy Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 or Google's Nexus 7 as part of pay monthly 4G plans on EE