Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

Amazon prepping trio of next-gen Kindle Fire tabs for 2013

News 12:11, 10 Jul 2013

Amazon is looking to update its Kindle Fire range of tablets before the close of 2013

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Review: Now With CyanogenMod Support

Reviews 12:06, 6 May 2014

Can the world’s biggest online retailer succeed in the tablet space? We review the Amazon Kindle Fire HD to find out


How to hard reset the Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Features 12:59, 17 Dec 2012

We explain how to perform a hard, or factory reset on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Amazon Kindle Fire HD vs Barnes & Noble Nook HD

Vs 12:25, 14 Dec 2012

Barnes & Noble has followed Amazon's lead in introducing a device that's more than just an eReader with the Nook HD, but how does it compare to the Kindle Fire HD?

Kindle Fire £99

Kindle Fire now £99 from Amazon Black Friday deals

News 17:26, 23 Nov 2012

Amazon is offering the Kindle Fire Android tablet for £99 as part of its Black Friday deals

Kindle Fire HD

Discovering the Kindle Fire

Features 14:17, 9 Sep 2012

We take a whistle stop tour of Amazon's Kindle Fire ahead of its official UK release date

Amazon Kindle Fire HD vs iPad 3 vs iPad Mini (rumours)

Vs 18:33, 7 Sep 2012

It's a three-way fight this time round as the iPad 3 takes on the rumoured iPad Mini and Amazon's Kindle Fire HD

Amazon will not release 10-inch Kindle Fire

News 09:35, 4 Sep 2012

Amazon has no plans to release a 10-inch Kindle Fire tablet at next week’s US launch event

Apple’s iPad still de facto choice for tablet buyers

News 12:40, 3 Aug 2012

Apple’s iPad is still the de facto choice for vast majority of tablet-buying consumers, according to new research

Amazon Kindle Fire confirmed for UK by Dixons

News 11:42, 12 Jul 2012

Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet is finally arriving in the UK this year, according to reports

Kindle Fire

Amazon nabs ex-Windows Phone director

News 11:26, 12 Jul 2012

Amazon has appointed another Microsoft bigwig, fueling rumours that the online retail giant is gearing up for a phone release

Amazon smartphone to get release date in early 2013

News 10:43, 11 Jul 2012

A major US news source has claimed that Amazon is now testing a 4- to 5-inch smartphone for release in early 2013

iPad Mini release date scheduled for autumn, claims source

News 11:47, 3 Jul 2012

Apple's iPad Mini is back, this time with a rumoured release date of autumn

AMD Windows 8 tablet

Will the Microsoft Windows 8 tablet go after the Kindle

Features 15:20, 18 Jun 2012

Will Microsoft’s mystery event, scheduled to take place later today, see the company launch its own Windows 8 tablet? We take a look at all the rumours currently in circulation

Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore to get European launch this summer

News 12:29, 12 Jun 2012

Amazon will debut its mobile app store internationally as early as this summer

HTC linked to Facebook’s Android-powered ‘Buffy’ phone

News 12:55, 29 May 2012

HTC will apparently be tasked with building Facebook’s Android-powered ‘Buffy’ smartphone

In-app purchasing now available on Amazon App Store

News 12:35, 11 Apr 2012

Look out Apple — Amazon just added in-app purchasing facilities to its App Store and its already getting plenty of developer loving

Amazon prepping next-generation Kindle Fire

News 12:47, 26 Mar 2012

Amazon is said to have begun prepping its next-generation Kindle Fire tablet

IDC: 44 per cent of tablets sold in Q4 were Android-powered

News 11:03, 14 Mar 2012

44 per cent of tablets sold in Q4 of 2011 were Android-powered, according to new figures from IDC

Apple's most serious threat is Amazon, not Android

Features 15:43, 19 Jan 2012

Quocirca analyst Rob Bamforth discusses the importance of platforms, content publishing and why Apple should be wary of Amazon