Asus considering Windows Phone 8 and Windows Padfone hybrid

News 10:33, 17 Jan 2013

An Asus executive has revealed the company's interest in Windows Phone 8 and the possibility of a Windows-based Padfone

Asus expects to shift more tablets than laptops in 2013

News 11:40, 8 Jan 2013

Asus claims tablets will usurp laptops in 2013 as the company's best-selling products

Microsoft Surface RT now selling at John Lewis

News 16:55, 14 Dec 2012

You can now buy a Microsoft Surface at high street retailer John Lewis

Top tech Christmas gifts: Paul Briden

Features 17:32, 12 Dec 2012

Paul Briden stops throwing coal at urchins for a moment to tell you what's on his Christmas wishlist

Asus Padfone 2 Android Jelly Bean update rolls out

News 12:06, 10 Dec 2012

Asus' Padfone 2 is now being updated to Android Jelly Bean 4.1

Microsoft Surface RT could hit shop shelves after all

News 11:25, 10 Dec 2012

Microsoft's hybrid tablet device, the Surface RT, could soon be available in high-street shops, according to reports

Fewer than 1 million Surface RTs will have sold in Q4

News 10:13, 6 Dec 2012

Sales of Microsoft's Surface RT won't reach 1 million before year's end, according to analysts

Dell XPS 10 vs Microsoft Surface RT

Vs 16:13, 3 Dec 2012

Microsoft's Surface RT takes on Dell's new contender, the XPS 10

Details leak of Microsoft Surface 2, Surface Pro 2 and

News 10:04, 3 Dec 2012

A new range of Surface tablet hybrids is in the works at Microsoft with plans for a 2013 release

Asus executive disappointed with Windows 8 demand

News 10:18, 29 Nov 2012

Demand for Windows 8 hybrids and tablets is lower than expected, claims Asus chief

Microsoft Surface RT review

Reviews 12:58, 16 Nov 2012

We review the Microsoft Surface RT, the first hybrid tablet from the creator of Windows

Microsoft involved in lawsuit over Live Tile interface

News 10:56, 1 Nov 2012

Microsoft has been issued a court order over its design of Windows' Live Tiles

Surface RT review round-up

Features 18:35, 26 Oct 2012

We take a look at how Microsoft's new Surface RT sits with various tech journos across the web

Tim Cook responds to Microsoft Surface launch

News 13:30, 26 Oct 2012

Apple's chief executive has revealed his thoughts on the Microsoft Surface tablet during a conference call

Microsoft’s restrictions on Windows Store ‘Mature’ content

News 12:27, 26 Oct 2012

Microsoft's Windows Store will publish 18+ rated games after all, the company has revealed

Microsoft officially launches Windows 8 and Surface RT

News 12:04, 26 Oct 2012

Microsoft has officially launched Windows 8 and the Surface RT tablet

What does Microsoft's Windows 8 do for the tablet space?

Features 15:04, 25 Oct 2012

What's all the fuss about Windows 8 tablets? What can they actually do for you that's new, and why are they so special? We set out to answer these questions

LG unveils Windows 8 hybrid tablet

News 12:46, 22 Oct 2012

LG has unveiled its entry into the Windows 8 hybrid tablet space with the H160, featuring a slide-out keyboard

Asus Padfone 2 will get a keyboard dock after all

News 12:43, 19 Oct 2012

Asus confirms Padfone 2 does in fact have a keyboard dock which will release after the device itself