Google Docs

Google Docs for Android

Google Docs on Android updated with live editing

News 09:27, 24 Feb 2012

The Android app version of Google Docs will now allow you to edit documents on the go


Dropbox and Google Docs support comes to LogMeIn Ignition

News 09:35, 25 Nov 2011

The remote access app LogMeIn Ignition has added cloud support to the iPad and iPhone versions

Gmail Priority

Offline Google Docs - is it coming to phones?

News 12:09, 1 Sep 2011

Google has announced that Google Docs and other services will work offline, greatly improving Chrome-powered devices and hopefully Android

Why Google+ can become much more than just another social

User guides 23:35, 26 Jul 2011

We’ve got Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, so does Google+ really stand a chance? We investigate where the Big G’s plans for its latest service might lead

Google Docs review

Reviews 23:38, 1 May 2011

We review Google Docs to see if it spells the end for the online edition of the cloud-based document creator

Google Docs app for Android smartphones

Standalone Google Docs app now available on Android

News 12:02, 28 Apr 2011

Google has released an official application for Android smartphones that allows you to make use of your Google Docs without using the website

Google Docs on iPhone and Android

Edit Google Docs on Android and iPhone

News 11:52, 18 Nov 2010

Take your work on the move on your Android or iPhone or iPad handset, with Google's new Google Docs editing feature

Google Docs goes mobile

Google Docs goes mobile

News 11:22, 29 Jun 2010

Google has launched a mobile-friendly version of Google Docs for Android and Apple devices — but there's no edit function

Blackberry 8120 front and side

Google Apps support for BlackBerry

News 15:22, 5 May 2009

BlackBerry has announced a suite of Google apps specifically for business users