Android dominating according to latest Gartner report

News 09:59, 14 Nov 2012

Gartner reports are in and Android, Samsung and Apple are winning big while other manufacturers struggle

Worldwide sales of mobile phones dip as masses await iPhone

News 11:43, 14 Aug 2012

Global sales of mobile phones dipped 2.3 per cent in Q2 as consumers await ‘the next big thing’ — Apple’s iPhone 5

Three 4 Free - Short Story Apps

Tablet owners favour digital over paper

News 15:39, 5 Jul 2012

Research has found tablet owners prefer to digest news, magazines and books on screen and not on paper


Smartphone sales boom in Q4 of 2011

News 11:14, 16 Feb 2012

Gartner has reported worldwide smartphone sales increased by nearly 50 per cent in Q4, 2011

Android sales form half the global smartphone market

News 12:10, 15 Feb 2012

A new Gartner report shows Android is responsible for 50 per cent of the global smartphone market

Can anyone stop Apple’s iPad dominance in 2012?

Features 17:03, 23 Sep 2011

Apple has ruled the mobile technology roost for the past 18 months. But as 2012 and a whole load of new technology and software approaches, can Apple sustain this monumental growth for the foreseeable future?

Gartner says Apple will rule the roost on tablets until at

News 14:54, 22 Sep 2011

Gartner's latest report says the future is bright for Apple's iPad as it continues to maintain its lead in the tablet space

Windows Phone 7 Mango

Windows Phone to overtake Apple by 2015

News 11:12, 5 Sep 2011

Analysts are predicting it will take the Windows Phone 7 platform three years to surpass the mighty iOS

Nokia Profits

Nokia reaches all-time low, profits down 41 per cent

News 14:15, 21 Jul 2011

Nokia has filed its Q2 profits and sales figures. Profits are down 44 per cent as is market share and handset sales — things are beginning to look bleak in Espoo

Nokia slashing handset prices by 10 per cent in Q4

News 18:37, 18 Jul 2011

Nokia will slash the price of its handsets in Q4 of 2011 by as much as 10 per cent, says reputable source

Symbian still number one, claims Gartner and IDC

Symbian still number one, claims Gartner and IDC

News 11:35, 10 Feb 2011

Symbian, according to Gartner and IDC, is still the number one mobile operating system in the world — that’s right, Symbian, not Android

comScore research

Android overtakes iPhone in US

News 09:24, 10 Jan 2011

ComScore has reported the market share of Android smartphones has overtaken the iPhone, but RIM still has first place

ZTE Vairy Touch

T-Mobile introduces ZTE Vairy touchscreen phone

News 12:47, 27 Mar 2009

ZTE’s Vairy Touch will be made available by T-Mobile as a Prepay handset