Analysts believe Nokia’s future is bleak

News 12:32, 18 Jun 2012

Nokia destined to keep on tanking, claims analysts

Nokia spending more money than it’s earning

News 17:32, 18 May 2012

Nokia is burning through its cash reserves at an unsustainable rate and analysts fear for the company's future

LG almost doubles its smartphone profit in Q1

News 12:35, 25 Apr 2012

LG has announced its earnings report for 2012's first quarter and profits look good, despite a drop in sales

Apple Q2 results blitz analyst forecasts

News 10:30, 25 Apr 2012

Apple's Q2 earnings results are in and things are looking peachy

HTC forecasts increased revenues for Q2 2012

News 18:16, 24 Apr 2012

HTC has released its forecast for 2012's second quarter, suggesting the One range will improve revenues substantially

Analysts lower forecasts for Nokia following poor Q1 sales

News 09:01, 11 Apr 2012

Investment analyst confidence in Nokia has dropped due to poor sales figures

Sony makes massive $6.4bn loss and lays off 10,000 staff

News 12:15, 10 Apr 2012

Despite reinventing itself, Sony has reported record losses and axes 10,000 staff

J.P Morgan makes ‘significant increases’ to iPad and iPhone

News 10:33, 4 Apr 2012

Apple's Q1 forecast is looking bright as J.P Morgan analysts shift predictions up a gear

Motorola’s Q4 report published

News 10:33, 27 Jan 2012

Motorola's business report is out and shows 5.3 million phones were shipped in Q4 of 2011

Apple announces record profits

News 09:09, 25 Jan 2012

Apple's financial report breaks tech profit records

RIM’s dual core BlackBerry 10 handsets delayed until late

News 10:02, 16 Dec 2011

Big delays for RIM's dual-core BlackBerry 10-powered smartphones in 2012

ExpenseMagic accountancy app receives update plus free

News 13:38, 6 Sep 2011

ExpenseMagic helps you keep track of your expenses and now allows free access to certain features

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