Google Play

Google Play to allow developer replies to reviews

News 09:32, 18 Jun 2012

A new Google Play change will allow developers to respond to reviews from players

Virgin Media 100 Day Game Project

Virgin Media on the hunt for 'best young games developers'

News 18:13, 8 May 2012

Virgin Media has announced an initiative to find the very best young gaming talent

Windows Phone Developer Summit announced for June 20

News 12:22, 3 May 2012

Microsoft's Windows Phone Developer Summit is kicking off in June, right between Apple and Google's developer events

Android development interest dips says report

News 17:05, 20 Mar 2012

Developers aren't as keen on Android as they were according to a new survey

Android Design

Google introduces Android app style guide

News 09:23, 16 Jan 2012

It looks like Google wants Android apps to be more unified in the way they look and work

The Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone smartphone

Nokia Lumia 900 developer trailer leaked online

News 10:46, 17 Nov 2011

The Nokia Lumia 800 only recently came out in the UK but it looks like its bigger brother, the Lumia 900, isn't too far behind

RIM leaks BlackBerry Curve Touch and Bellagio

News 13:42, 17 Oct 2011

RIM has leaked screen specs of two new smartphones on its developer blog, the Bellagio 9790 and the Curve Touch 9380

iOS 5: A developer's perspective

User guides 16:40, 5 Oct 2011

CEO of Mubaloo Mark Mason gives Know Your Mobile the lowdown on what iOS 5 means for developers

Rumour: HTC working on Intel-powered Android devices

News 14:05, 19 Sep 2011

HTC is rumoured to be working on a new Intel-powered Android device, following news of a Google and Intel co-development agreement

Developer of the Year

KYM Awards 2010: Developer of the year

Awards 15:26, 30 Jun 2011

The 2010 awards for Developer of the Year goes to EA Mobile

PopCap Games

EA to purchase Bejeweled creator PopCap for $1 billion?

News 11:49, 24 Jun 2011

The company behind the acquisition of PopCap Games for a sum of $1 billion dollars is reportedly EA


Windows Phone 7: 9,000 strong and 100 apps added daily

News 13:27, 9 Mar 2011

Microsoft has posted new statistics relating to its Windows Phone 7 Marketplace — there's 100 apps landing everyday


The Tetris Company forces Tetrada out of WP7 Marketplace

News 16:29, 8 Feb 2011

Tetrada developer is muscled out of Windows Phone 7 Marketplace by Tetris Company's lawyers

Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story now 59p on iPhone

News 16:07, 2 Feb 2011

Have a go at running a games company with Game Dev Story for 59p on the App Store


Gameloft responds to plagiarism criticisms

News 11:53, 12 Jan 2011

CEO Michel Guillemot defends Gameloft’s development style

Amazon App Store and Developer Portal

Amazon prepares to unleash Android Market equivalent

News 08:40, 7 Jan 2011

A beta developer portal of’s new Android market service has been launched in preparation for its own app store


Google invests in games developer ngmoco

News 14:19, 12 Aug 2010

Google Ventures has reportedly invested $3-5 million into WeRule creator, ngmoco

Apple vs the EFF

Apple's top secret iPhone developer agreement is leaked

News 22:59, 9 Mar 2010

The Electronic Freedom Foundation forces the space agency Nasa to hand over the top secret iPhone Developer Program License Agreement with a Freedom of Information Act request

BlackBerry Storefront inviting submissions

BlackBerry Storefront inviting developer submissions

News 03:17, 22 Jan 2009

The BlackBerry marketplace is now inviting developer submissions on its North American website

Djinngo logo, widget examples and website screen shot

OPC 2008: Orange appeals for mobile widgets on its Djinngo

News 21:19, 15 Dec 2008

Orange is appealing for developers to produce mobile widgets for its Djinngo platform