HTC's China-only Android-like OS detailed in leak

News 10:59, 17 Sep 2013

HTC isn't making an OS specially for China, according to company execs. So what the hell is this?

Android takes 90 per cent of world’s biggest market

News 14:13, 16 Nov 2012

Android now controls 90 per cent of China’s smartphone market, according to Analysys International

Chinese Android-powered iPhone 5 clone challenges Apple

News 12:50, 5 Sep 2012

iPhone 5 Android clone maker threatens to sue Apple over iPhone 5

iPhone 5 hits pre-order in China with specs

News 13:07, 12 Jul 2012

The Apple iPhone 5 is already up for pre-order in China ahead of its suspected Q4 release date

Windows Phone

Rumour: Windows Phone overtakes iPhone in China in two

News 12:38, 21 May 2012

Windows Phone has a larger market share than the iPhone in China, says Microsoft exec — but sceptics are refuting the numbers

Apple iPhone 5 ice cream

Mango-flavoured iPhone 5 arrives in China

News 11:18, 18 Apr 2012

Why wait for the iPhone 5 when you can head to China to enjoy one in Mango-flavoured ice cream form?

iPad injunction denied by Chinese court

News 10:43, 24 Feb 2012

The iPad is safe from an injunction for now after a Shangai court rules in Apple's favour

Proview’s iPad ban may be tricky, says Chinese customs

News 11:11, 15 Feb 2012

Chinese customs authorities have told Proview they're not keen on seizing iPad shipments

Apple iPad 2

IP fight could spell trouble for iPad exports

News 16:28, 14 Feb 2012

The company that believes it owns the iPad trademark in China is seeking a ban on imports and exports of the device

China goes mental — literally — for Apple’s iPhone 4S

News 10:41, 13 Jan 2012

Violence broke out following the launch of Apple’s iPhone 4S in China, forcing one Beijing Apple Store to close its doors

Apple doesn’t own ‘iPad’ copyright in China

News 08:52, 8 Dec 2011

A Chinese court has ruled that Apple does not own the copyright to the term ‘iPad’ in China

Apple accused of selling refurbished iPhones

News 10:45, 1 Nov 2011

Two consumers are suing Apple for selling refurbished iPhones in Beijing, China

Apple logo

Apple cuts iPad 2 orders by 25 per cent

News 14:04, 27 Sep 2011

Apple parts manufacturers in China are receiving orders reduced by up to 25 per cent for the coming quarter, according to reports

Angry Birds theme park

Angry Birds theme park appears without Rovio Mobile's

News 12:33, 14 Sep 2011

You've played the game, got the teddy and probably the t-shirt - now it's time to visit the theme park in China

Dell quits US/UK and focuses energy on Chinese markets

News 15:52, 7 Sep 2011

Dell has secured a deal with Chinese mobile network Baidu

China says Apple is destroying its environment

News 10:38, 1 Sep 2011

Bad news for Apple as China has accused the company of detrimentally damaging its environment — wonder what Apple’s board member Al Gore has to say about that?

Apple logo

Fake Chinese Apple stores closed by officials

News 11:41, 25 Jul 2011

Chinese officials have closed down two of the five fake Apple stores in Kunming, China

iPad 2 cover open

Boy, 17, sells kidney to buy iPad 2

News 14:23, 2 Jun 2011

A 17-year-old boy from the Anhui Province of China is reported to have sold one of his kidneys in order to by Apple's iPad 2 device

iPad 2 supply in danger after explosion at Foxconn Plant

News 16:20, 23 May 2011

iPad 2 production has been halted indefinitely after a plant explosion at Foxconn

Nokia T7-00 smartphone

Nokia T7-00 surfaces once more

News 10:25, 6 Apr 2011

Solid details on Nokia T7-00 confirm not just the existence of the device, but also its N8 inspiration and photographic capabilities