Blackberry Playbook

BlackBerry says tablets will be dead within five years

News 13:56, 30 Apr 2013

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins has told the Telegraph tablets will not exist in 2018, quashing all hopes of a new PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook 2 confirmed for 2013 launch

News 17:18, 19 Mar 2013

BlackBerry 10-powered PlayBook 2 confirmed by company exec

BlackBerry staff put to work on next-gen BB10-powered

News 09:18, 6 Feb 2013

BlackBerry will re-enter the tablet space if the margins are there, says the company’s CEO Thorsten Heins

Will BlackBerry 10 reinvent the BlackBerry PlayBook?

News 11:53, 30 Jan 2013

With a low-price tag and a BlackBerry 10 update confired, is RIM's PlayBook about to be re-invented?

RIM BlackBerry

RIM's BlackBerry App World now called BlackBerry World

News 09:36, 30 Nov 2012

In the run up to the launch of BlackBerry 10, RIM has renamed its BlackBerry App World. Now known as BlackBerry World, the store also features music and video

Why Apple should be very worried by the Microsoft Surface

Features 02:48, 19 Jun 2012

Has Microsoft done the impossible and upstaged Apple’s iPad, while managing to do what RIM failed to do with its PlayBook by nailing the enterprise angle as well?

BlackBerry PlayBook

Developer gets iOS applications running on the BlackBerry

News 18:22, 13 Jun 2012

A developer/coder has managed to get iOS applications running on RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook

Dolphin Browser released for BlackBerry PlayBook

News 12:27, 15 Mar 2012

Dolphin Browser is now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook via the RIM’s App World store

RIM releases BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0

News 11:34, 21 Feb 2012

RIM has officially released its BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 finally bringing Android application-support and email to the tablet device

RIM extends free PlayBook offer for Android developers

News 09:51, 14 Feb 2012

Following overwhelming interest, RIM has extended its ‘free PlayBook for Android developers’ offer until March 2

Carphone Warehouse slashes BlackBerry PlayBook prices

News 15:32, 27 Jan 2012

Carphone Warehouse has gone BlackBerry PlayBook sale mad, with prices of all models dropping dramatically

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Still no BES or BBM inside RIM’s PlayBook OS 2.0 update

News 10:15, 12 Jan 2012

The BlackBerry PlayBook gets email — but still no sign of BBM, Android app player or BES, though

CES 2012: RIM updates BlackBerry PlayBook with QNX 2.0

News 11:11, 10 Jan 2012

RIM has finally introduced native email to its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet via the BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.0 update

RIM slashes BlackBerry PlayBook price to £169 in UK — still

News 11:59, 3 Jan 2012

The BlackBerry PlayBook is now available in the UK for just £169 — down from £399

Can the BlackBerry PlayBook ever replace the Galaxy Tab

Features 12:48, 19 Dec 2011

We spent a couple of weeks with RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook to see if it could ever replace our iPad or Samsung Galaxy 10.1

More doom-and-gloom for RIM as QNX switch approaches

News 10:37, 15 Dec 2011

US analysts predict more doom-and-gloom for RIM as QNX switchover nears

BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook price slashed at Best Buy and Carphone

News 14:14, 24 Oct 2011

Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy have significantly cut the price of the BlackBerry PlayBook

The great BlackBerry PlayBook price slash begins

News 10:41, 27 Sep 2011

Stores across the US have started slashing the price of RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook. But is this a trend we’ll see continue in the UK?

QNX 2.0 screenshots appear online, complete with Android

News 18:26, 26 Aug 2011

Screenshots of RIM’s Blackberry Tablet OS 2.0 have appeared online, showcasing a glimpse of what’s to come for PlayBook users in the very near future

BlackBerry PlayBook

Major security flaws found in BlackBerry PlayBook

News 11:19, 12 Aug 2011

Significant security holes have been discovered in RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook, according to security specialists NGS Secure