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Snapchat "Our Story" Launches, Makes App More Communal

News 11:26, 18 Jun 2014

Snapchat has launched yet another feature to help you share disappearing images with your friends

Pesky Kids Cost Apple £19.8 Million

News 15:50, 16 Jan 2014

Apple agrees to pay-out £19.8 million for unauthorised in-app purchases made by kids

Best Android Apps For Your Phone & Tablet In 2016

Bests 09:24, 13 Jul 2016

Appsolutely Fabulous, Darling! These are some of the best Android apps and games around right now

iOS 7: Everything you need to know

News 21:34, 10 Jun 2013

Apple's Tim Cook reveals iOS 7 at WWDC 2013 - here's what it brings to the table


Ouya Console: Doomed from day one?

News 16:26, 27 Apr 2013

The Android-based console is almost with us, but is it all hype and no trousers? Damien McFerran investigates

Is Ubuntu OS too niche for smartphone and tablet space?

Features 17:28, 3 Jan 2013

Can Ubuntu OS for mobile break Apple and Google’s stranglehold over the smartphone and tablet space —— or is it just too niche?

Apple blocks SkyDrive app for iOS until it sees a cut of

News 09:56, 11 Dec 2012

Microsoft's SkyDrive cloud storage app for iOS has just been put on hold thanks to Apple demanding a 30% cut from its in-app revenue

Microsoft will destroy Apple and Google in smartphone &

News 09:05, 30 Nov 2012

Sizemore Capital predicts that Microsoft will eventually beat both Apple and Google to become top dog in the mobile and tablet space…

Android vs. iOS: A developer’s perspective on The Big Two

Features 11:31, 18 Oct 2012

Do Android and iOS present equal opportunities for developers? Damien McFerran investigates

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Google takes tough stance on dodgy Android apps

News 10:22, 2 Aug 2012

Google posts a series of policy changes for Android app submission aimed at curtailing the amount of malicious applications on its Play store

BlackBerry PlayBook

Developer gets iOS applications running on the BlackBerry

News 18:22, 13 Jun 2012

A developer/coder has managed to get iOS applications running on RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook


Two iOS apps developed for every one Android app

News 10:00, 8 Jun 2012

'Android delivers less gain and more pain', says mobile analytics firm Flurry

Apple censors the word ‘Jailbreak’ on iTunes

News 18:29, 17 May 2012

Jailbreak is apparently a dirty word for Apple as the iPhone giant has censored it on iTunes

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Google building dedicated gaming hub for Android

News 10:56, 10 May 2012

Google is said to be in the throws of constructing a dedicated gaming hub, similar to Apple’s Game Center, for its Android platform

In-app purchasing now available on Amazon App Store

News 12:35, 11 Apr 2012

Look out Apple — Amazon just added in-app purchasing facilities to its App Store and its already getting plenty of developer loving

Are Android users cheapskates?

News 11:00, 5 Apr 2012

Android users are less willing to pay for premium applications, according to one developer

Apple’s iTV HDTV will fail to alter traditional TV business

News 09:51, 3 Apr 2012

Apple’s ‘iTV’ HDTV will look like a large iPad, supporting iOS apps and games, but will ultimately fail to change TV business model

Survey confirms Google Play store as land of the free

News 11:08, 2 Apr 2012

A survey has found the least amount of money is spent via in-app purchases on the Google Play store

Email for iPhone gets reinvented with Sparrow application

News 09:22, 15 Mar 2012

Sparrow for iPhone and iPad is now available — iOS-based email will never be the same again

Huge security flaw in iOS and Android exposed

News 11:31, 2 Mar 2012

Android and iOS developers can access your phone’s photos via security holes in Google and Apple’s mobile platforms