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Reviews Richard Goodwin 18:42, 22 Sep 2009

We review, Locago the all in one maps, guide, and news app

Most phones now come with some kind of maps software pre-installed, granted, some, are a little basic, while others are more sophisticated - but what if you could get an app that combined Wikipedia, Eniro Yellow Pages, Geotagged Flickr photographs, and weather forecasts all in one?

Well, this is what the Locago app claims to offer, but does it make good on its promises?

Once Locago is downloaded and opened you quickly realise that it's not the best looking app on the market. The design and colouring is very remedial - a far cry from the crisp images you would associate with Google Maps.

The search function is very simple, with two options: ‘Who/What?’ and ‘Where?’ The app uses Eniro Yellow Pages to search for businesses and amenities. Granted, this isn’t as good as a Google search, but we had very few problems with it, and were generally impressed with its effectiveness at yielding the exact information we required.

During testing we searched for a nearby Orange shop and an obscurely named pub - the results came up very fast, and were shown accordingly on the map - no complaints here, then.

On a speculative search the app produced a number of results, all shown on the map, based on their distance from our GPS position, as well as their relevant telephone numbers and contact details. 

The route planner function is excellent, and while it’s probably no better than Google Maps, it is still a pleasant experience to use, particularly as it offers directions on foot, in a car, or by public transport, with additional options to view photos of certain spots and articles from Wikipedia concerning aspects of the area.

Another nice touch is that the map rotates to face the way you are facing, making navigation from A to B extremely simple, and is definitely something that sets Locago apart from its competitors.

Additionally, the app features realtime bus information, which we thought was a useful touch, particularly late at night when you're out and don’t really want to be hanging around bus stops attempting to find the mythical 453.

As we mentioned earlier, possibly the biggest pro of the app is its incorporation of Wikipedia and Geo-tagged Flickr images, which make it a perfect traveling companion, as you can read about the place you’re in, view pictures of 'cool' spots that have been uploaded by other Locago users, and get directions to them.

Finally, the app offers RSS feeds to Reuters international news for specific areas of the world. So, for example, you can open a map view over Europe and see news from Spain, France, Kiev, or Istanbul.

All in all, this is an extremely useful app, and the option to publish your own content in its layers function is the cherry on the cake! We would certainly recommend this to anyone who is going traveling, or simply wants and alternative to Google Maps.

Locago info

Ease of use:

Platform: Symbian S60

Cost: Free

Developer: Idevio

Website/Demo: Idevio website

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