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Reviews Andrew Spode 18:46, 13 Jul 2009

We review Level Touch, a spirit level application for the Apple iPhone

Level Touch, by OffScreen Technologies is a spirit level for your Symbian 60 5th generation device such as the N97 or 5800 XM. By spirit level, we don't mean a ghost detector, nor do we mean something to help keep track of how many vodkas you've been inhaling at the bar.

Instead, we mean the traditional builders spirit level – used for checking that shelves and fittings are flat so that bowling balls don't fall off at comical moments and leave your friends in a daze.

Traditional spirit levels use a fluid filled glass tube with a small bubble of air left over. As you move the device, the air naturally lines up level thanks to gravity (no, not the Twitter client). By guaging this position in relation to some markings you have a very simple way of checking levels.

Level Touch on the other hand tries to mimic this functionality using the accelerometers built into the 5th generation phones. It's a free application available through the Ovi store and loads very quickly to a self explanatory interface. There are no settings, you simply move the phone around and watch the bubble move.

We pitched this against a traditional spirit level to see how accurate it was. The biggest problem we faced was actually getting the phone to settle – the N97 we used has buttons on both of the longer sides so you'll find yourself pivoting off these points. Thankfully, there is a second spirit level which works fairly well if you lay the phone flat – but this isn't always an ideal situation.

Aside from the form factor, the biggest downside to the software is that it doesn't turn off the automatic keylock. You might have it carefully in place while you adjust the angle of your picture by fractions of a degree and then you will be presented with a black screen.

The reality of it is that this is an impractical application of a mobile phone, but a wonderful example of your accelerometer working. It's a struggle to get the phone positioned well, you increase the risk of dropping your device and the screen saver not being disabled is a bit of a deal breaker. However, it's free on Ovi and might settle a few arguments – maybe.

Level Touch info

Ease of use:

Platform: Symbian S60

Price: Free

Developer: OffScreen Technologies

Website/Demo: OffScreen Technologies website

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