Steve Jobs

Does Apple DREAM of Electric Cars? Yes. One's Like Tesla

News 17:31, 25 Jul 2016

Is Apple about to get into the electric car business? A LOT of sources and leaked information suggest so... but all is not well, apparently

Steve Jobs Bust Unveiled At Apple HQ

News 13:07, 28 Feb 2014

The late great Steve Jobs has been featured in a new statue soon to appear at Apple HQ, but the internet hasn't been very kind

Steve Jobs To Appear On Stamps

News 11:45, 21 Feb 2014

Apple’s founding father Steve Jobs is going to be featured on a US postage stamp in 2015

Best Steve Jobs Quotes: Apple, Microsoft, Design and Death

Features 15:52, 9 Nov 2015

We take a look back some of Steve Jobs' most memorable quotes

iPhone 5C: An iMac G3 for the phone world

Blogs 11:47, 24 Sep 2013

The iPhone 5C is not a disaster, nor is it Apple's Cadillac moment, says Luke Dormehl

What I wooden do for that gadget!

Features 11:09, 23 Sep 2013

From PCs to smartphone accessories, tech and wood go back a long ways...

iPad Mini

iPad Mini shipments beat iPad in Q1

News 09:49, 1 May 2013

64 percent of Apple’s iPad shipments during Q1 were iPad Mini units, reports claim

iPhone 5S release date rumours hot up

News 08:06, 3 Apr 2013

Apple will begin mass-production of its iPhone 5S this quarter for a release date in Q2

iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 influenced by Jobs

News 11:29, 2 Apr 2013

Steve Jobs played a part in the development of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6

How much would Apple's HDTV cost if it existed?

News 07:11, 13 Feb 2013

One analyst has predicted big things for Apple’s HDTV and iWatch, despite neither products existing in an official capacity

The challenges facing Apple’s iPhone in 2013

Features 12:56, 24 Jan 2013

Apple’s iPhone business faces big challenges in 2013 despite excellent Q4 results, says IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer retiring in next 12 months

Features 14:52, 23 Aug 2013

Steve Ballmer has confirmed he is retiring in 12 months. Here's some of his best bits...

Samsung dominance in 2013 could make iPhone Mini a reality

News 10:21, 4 Jan 2013

The launch of the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 alongside an already broad portfolio of products will ensure Samsung further extends its lead over Apple in 2013, claims report

How will Jony Ive change Apple’s iOS?

Features 15:25, 14 Nov 2012

Apple’s chief of design, Jony Ive, has been tasked with changing the look and feel of iOS. We speak to industrial designer Joel Levitt about what this means

How to post to Facebook and Twitter from the Notification

User guides 14:20, 5 Oct 2012

We show you to post to Facebook and Twitter from the Notification Centre of your iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5 received Steve Jobs’ blessing

News 09:49, 4 Oct 2012

Apple’s iPhone 5 will be the last iPhone that Steve Jobs contributed towards, new documents have revealed

Why the iPad Mini is the next logical step for Apple

Features 15:04, 2 Oct 2012

If Apple wants to continue its dominance of the tablet space it’s going to need a smaller, more cost-effective tablet, argues Richard Goodwin

iPhone 5 with LTE, new iTunes, new iPod Nano and iPod Touch

News 16:59, 12 Sep 2012

Apple has accidentally confirmed exactly what will be on tonight’s agenda — iPhone 5 with LTE, an iTunes refresh, and a new iPod Nano as well as a new iPod Touch are all scheduled

Former Apple exec says company is no innovator

News 16:22, 12 Sep 2012

Apple has never invented anything, according to one of its former executives

Suspected iPad Mini mould reveals final design

News 11:59, 5 Sep 2012

A new image, said to be of the iPad Mini’s die cast mould, has appeared online. Is this the final design of the Apple’s upcoming iPad Mini?