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Nokia Microsoft Deal Finalised: The End Of An Era

News 12:52, 28 Apr 2014

The deal has finally been finished, Nokia is now owned by Microsoft

Microsoft Nokia logos

Microsoft’s Nokia Acquisition Delayed Until April

News 12:19, 25 Mar 2014

Microsoft’s buyout of Nokia will not finalise until some point in April

Steve Ballmer Opens Up About Microsoft’s “Mobile Problem”

News 15:19, 5 Mar 2014

Microsoft's ex-CEO Steve Ballmer has admitted the company should have focused on mobile ten years ago

And The New Microsoft CEO is... Satya Nadella

News 16:05, 4 Feb 2014

As Steve Ballmer stands down, Satya Nadella steps up to become Microsoft’s new CEO

Six Days: This week's happenings in mobile tech...

News 10:00, 29 Jun 2013

A rebrand for Motorola, the Sony Xperia U and Qualcomm's muscular new chipset all make the cut in this week's Six Days

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer retiring in next 12 months

Features 14:52, 23 Aug 2013

Steve Ballmer has confirmed he is retiring in 12 months. Here's some of his best bits...

Windows Phone sales grew exponentially during Q4 2012

News 09:57, 9 Jan 2013

Sales of Windows Phone devices increased five-fold in December 2012, according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

Microsoft cuts Surface RT orders by 50 per cent

News 11:42, 30 Nov 2012

After disappointing initial sales, Microsoft has reportedly cut orders for its Surface RT by 50 per cent

HP exec brands Surface RT unresponsive and ‘kludgey’

News 13:24, 15 Nov 2012

HP’s head of PC isn’t impressed by Microsoft’s Surface RT, which he described as slow and a little kludgey

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer predicts rapid adoption of

News 11:58, 9 Nov 2012

Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer has stated adoption of Windows Phone 8 will ‘ramp quickly’ following the release of handsets like the Lumia 920 and HTC 8X

Microsoft’s Windows 8 gets ported onto coffee table

News 11:04, 7 Nov 2012

A video showing Microsoft’s Windows 8 running on a coffee table has appeared online, and is perhaps one of the coolest things we’ve seen in a long time

Steve Ballmer says Microsoft is a ‘devices and services

News 11:48, 10 Oct 2012

Steve Ballmer has written to shareholders describing the company's future in 'devices and services'

Mobile Talk: Was a Microsoft buy-out of Nokia the plan all

Features 12:22, 4 Oct 2012

If you think of Windows Phone as a Trojan horse and Stephen Elop as a plant, then you could argue that a Microsoft buy-out of Nokia was the plan all along

Microsoft Surface tablets get price confirmation

News 14:15, 17 Sep 2012

Microsoft’s upcoming Surface tablets will retail for around $300 to $800, according CEO Steve Ballmer

Microsoft admits Surface strategy could cause problems

News 13:41, 27 Jul 2012

Microsoft has admitted its Windows 8/Windows RT-powered Surface tablets could cause potentially damage its relationship with OEM partners


Microsoft buys Yammer for $1.2 billion

News 15:43, 26 Jun 2012

Microsoft has confirmed the purchase of social networking company Yammer for $1.2 billion

Windows Phone 8 launch

News 16:42, 20 Jun 2012

We’re live blogging the Microsoft Windows Phone Summit — the grand unveilling of Apollo

Why Apple should be very worried by the Microsoft Surface

Features 02:48, 19 Jun 2012

Has Microsoft done the impossible and upstaged Apple’s iPad, while managing to do what RIM failed to do with its PlayBook by nailing the enterprise angle as well?

Microsoft Surface Windows 8 tablet

Microsoft Surface in pictures

News 02:26, 19 Jun 2012

Microsoft just confirmed its Windows 8 Pro/Windows RT-powered Microsoft Surface tablet — and we've got the pictures to prove it

Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablet will take on the iPad

News 12:06, 18 Jun 2012

Microsoft plans to take on Apple’s iPad with the release of its own Microsoft-brand Windows 8 tablet, which is expected to launch later today