Exchanging files and contacts between the W995 and a PC

User guides 14:11, 9 Jun 2009

Make sure your Sony Ericsson W995's contacts, calendar entries and other files are safely stored on your computer with regular backups

There are two useful ways you can back up the files on your Sony Ericsson W995 – contacts, calendar entries, pictures and videos – to your computer. You can either use Bluetooth or the USB cable supplied with your W995.

To start, install the Sony Ericsson PC Support Suite from the CD supplied with your phone, or download it from www.sonyericsson.com/support.

Back up via Bluetooth
To back up your files using Bluetooth, switch on Bluetooth connectivity. Then make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your computer or insert a Bluetooth adapter. Then follow these instructions (Using a Contact as an example):


  • Choose the phonebook contact you want to back up
  • Select More and then Send Contact
  • Select Via Bluetooth (Figure 1)and then choose your computer from the list

Back up via USB cable
To back up your files using a USB cable, you can do so using one of two methods: File Transfer (For music files for the Disk2Phone mobile music software, and picture files), or Phone Mode (For contacts and calendar entries).

File Transfer allows you to drag and drop files from your phone to folders on your computer. To back up your music files or pictures using File Transfer:


  • Connect your W995 to your computer with the USB cable.
  • On your phone’s Menu screen select Settings (Figure 2)and then scroll across to the Connectivity tab.
  • Scroll down to USB and then select USB Connection (Figure 3).
  • Select File Transfer (Figure 4).
  • Your phone will shut down (Figure 5). Wait until your phone memory or memory card appear as external disks on your computer in Windows Explorer.
  • You can now drag and drop contacts, music files (For Disk2Phone music software) or pictures, to folders on your computer.

Phone Mode lets you synchronise phonebook contacts and calendar entries with the PC Suite software installed on your computer. To synchronise your data using Phone Mode:


  • Start the PC Suite software on your computer
  • Connect the W995 to the computer with the USB cable
  • On your W995, enter the Settings menu and select the Connectivity tab
  • Select USB and then USB Connection
  • Then select Phone Mode
  • When the computer has found your phone, the applications you want to back up from your phone can be accessed in the PC Suite software



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