Sony Xperia Tablet Z vs Nexus 10

Vs Paul Briden 13:36, 23 Jan 2013

We compare Sony's Xperia Tablet Z to Google's Nexus 10, made by Samsung

We throw Sony's Xperia Tablet Z,into the Android fighting pit with the reigning champion: Google's Nexus 10.


Nexus 10 - 263.9 x 177.6 x 8.9 mm, 603g

Sony Xperia Tablet Z - 266x172x6.9mm, 495g

The Nexus 10 is made by Samsung and has a reasonably high-standard of build quality. The unibody is made from a soft-touch plastic which feels premium and there's little in the way of flexing or give.

Much of the design is minimalist and there's no texture to the back panel. The shape is a little dull though, in our view, being extremely soft and rounded for such a large tablet, while the bezel is quite substantial, giving in something of a toy-like appearance.

Sony's Xperia Tablet Z is, at least, aesthetically-speaking, the polar opposite of the Nexus 10, with its highly angular corners, ultra-thin profile and a bezel, which is narrow enough to look slick but wide enough that your hold of the slate isn't compromised.

Add to this IP57 dust and water proofing certification and the lightest and thinnest 10-inch tablet bodyshell on the market and you've got a pretty neat setup.

We think Sony has done a brilliant job all round here.

Winner - Sony Xperia Tablet Z


Sony's display quality is usually pretty high and the Xperia Tablet Z doesn't fail to deliver.

It has a 10.1-inch LCD touchscreen with a 1920x1200 pixel resolution resulting in a pixel density of 224 pixels-per- inch (ppi).

While that might not be the sharpest display on the market it's certainly up there as one of the better ones in terms of clarity. In other areas it does very well too thanks to the new Sony Mobile Bravia Engine 2 technology, which ensures brightness, contrast and colours are all excellent. This does come at the cost of decent viewing angles, however.

Samsung goes further here though, much further. The Nexus 10's display is the same size but uses Super PLS LCD technology and a 2560x1600 pixel resolution at 300ppi.

The clarity, colour and brightess of this screen is simply staggering, particularly on such a large scale. Put curtly: it cannot be beaten.

Winner - Nexus 10


Sony offers only one option for the Xperia Tablet Z which has 32GB internal storage and microSD support for cards up to 32GB and high-capacity up to 64GB.

The Nexus 10 has 16GB or 32GB models but neither has microSD capability.

Sony's Xperia Tablet Z has the edge when it comes to storage.

Winner - Sony Xperia Tablet Z

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Another Android tablet maker making strides to offer quality Android tablets at competitive prices is Ainol &#13
Electronics - which previously won Runner-Up for “Best Tablet of the Year” at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012; and has introduced a new line of Novo Quad Core Android tablets — with one model particularly standing out -- the Novo 9 Spark - featuring a 1.5 GHz Quad-Core processor with 2GB Ram/2G DDR3, along with a 9.7 inch &#13
2048×1536 display -- one of the first U.S. resellers, a site called TabletSprint - offers this new model for &#13
$269 — which clearly is a considerable price advantage over the Nexus and Kindle Fire HD series of tablets.&#13
The Novo 9 Spark with a Liquid Crystal display and advanced 10-point multi-touch, matches the quality and specs of an Apple iPad Retina screen and also features dimensions and weight almost as impressive as the new Sony Xperia, weighing in at only .72 lbs and with a thickness of .42 inches —&#13
This new model launches in February and also available at TabletSprint and offers a powerful 10,000 mAh battery, 16GB storage memory, a MicroSD memory card slot, Android 4.1., Google Play store preinstalled, and a 2-Megapixel front camera and 5 Megapixel rear camera with AF & LED Flash. A few other innovative features include an HDMI 1080p port with both HD and what is considered the future of media — 4K Output (twice the resolution as 1080p) - which easily allows the download and streaming of movies and media content directly from the tablet (as well as to project & play video games) on to a large HD TV screen. &#13
Other key features of the Novo 9 Spark include a Micro USB port to connect to printers and other electronic devices, and multiple ways for internet connection, including high speed WiFi, Ethernet through a USB port and an option for 3G/4G connection with a USB adapter.&#13
It should be interesting to see how the new Novo Quad Core Series fares in 2013 as Ainol Electronics gains more presence in the Android tablet market.

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