How to fix a frozen Sony Xperia S

User guides 14:10, 6 Jun 2012

We show you how to perform a reset on a frozen Sony Xperia S

The Sony Xperia S is a great device, but sometimes, as with all things technical, you’ll run into an issue that the device can’t sort out itself. Should this happen you’ll rue the lack of a removable battery preventing you from performing the classic ‘battery pull’ method of rebooting. But don’t despair there is a quick and easy way of forcing your device to reboot.

Note - Forcing a reboot shouldn’t affect any of your saved data or media, but it is likely to affect the progress of any app you were using when the dreaded freeze struck – so any email you were writing will be gone, as will any game progress.

If your device is frozen simply do the following to perform a reboot:

  • Grab your Sony Xperia S
  • Press and hold the ‘Power’ button and the ‘Volume Up’ button
  • Wait for around 5-10 seconds
  • Your device should then vibrate and reboot (hopefully) rectifying the teething troubles you were having!

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I have to do this after every charge...thinking of returning the phone

That really worked and made me relief.......f word came out after it worked!!!

brilliant was about 15 seconds from putting it into orbit
cheers philrib

thank you!!!

thank you so much!! brilliant, just brilliant!


thanks!!!! :)

So this DOESN'T reset the phone?

Thaaaaank you! You made my day with this tip! :)

It still won't work - it doesn't vibrate

my sony xperia s automaticall hang and then turn off,now he can not restart

I did that so many times, but nope! it doesn't work... the SONY word is only there and that's it! it did not continue to reboot or restart my phone. please help! need my phone back so bad.

Thanks a lot!!!! It worked...

It only vibrate but the screen wont show up

i have a sony xperia t and had this problem but couldnt find a thread for the t used this and it worked thank you :) i think this would work with any xperia which u cant take the battery out of :)

Thanks for sharing, I was starting to worry it had bricked itself!

i have a problem my xperis s poweer button is missing ,,please tell me how i can use again this phone

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